Hi. My name is Joe Gagnon. And welcome to The High Performance Life.

Pausing for a photo as I ran the Rim to Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon

Pausing for a photo as I ran the Rim to Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon

I do have a real job - I am responsible on a global basis for Aspect Software's Cloud business. This includes working to expand Aspect’s cloud contact center and solutions capabilities including using two SaaS contact center solutions, Zipwire and  Livevox.   Over the past 30+ years I have focused on building business strategies and technology roadmaps, primarily in SaaS businesses, to deliver next generation solutions for consumers who use products and services from many of the leading Fortune 500 companies.  I have had the distinct honor and privilege to work in some great companies.  Some of my roles included; President and COO of PennFoster one of the largest online schools in the US servicing 150,00 students across High School Career School and College; President of e-Dialog, an eBay Inc. global marketing company, CEO of Exit41,  Vice President, Global Services Leader of IBM’s Retail Industry and a partner at E&Y.   

I have been blogging for three and one half  years and consider myself a committed endurance athlete having completed five Ironman triathlons, ten utlra-marathons, 25 marathons and numerous other endurance events.  Over my career I have been featured in national periodicals from the New York Times to Inc. Magazine and has been featured on the History Channel, CNN and Fox News Live.  This blog is designed to bring together elements of how to improve performance across Life, Learning and Fitness. I love writing it every day and practicing what I write about and working to live THPL ever day.

By applying techniques for mental toughness, creative problem solving, leadership, and personal effectiveness, Joe believes we are all capable of living the High Performance Life where body, mind, and soul come together for a fulfilled life. 


My Race Calendar for 2017

January – Arizona Dessert Classic Marathon, Surprise, AZ (3:18, 3rd overall)

February - Training

March - Training

April - Run Joe Run Marathon

May - Bolder Boulder

June - Ragnar Ultra, Utah

July - Open

August - Open

September - Open

October - Open

November - Open

December - Open