The journey

We love the journey, it is how we think about life and how we get the most that we can out of our THPL life.  We use our goals as the way to get us going on the journey.  And we know that it is the steps along the way, rather than the destination, or the goal that most of our satisfaction comes.  For it is in these times that we measure ourselves, challenge ourselves, discover ourselves.  And as we embrace the journey others see what we are doing and how we get that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Our behavior showing that there is a deeper and more revealing way of living – not from goal to goal but in the day to day of the journey.  A simple lesson learned that has a big impact on how we feel about our THPL life.  The journey indeed….

Loving life when I am on my journey

Go all in

The THPL journey takes a lot and it also gives a lot.  To get the best of what we can achieve requires a deep level of commitment.  Some call it going “all in” – leaving nothing in the tank.  We can see this in people who have had deep levels of success in life, athletics, business…the discipline or the system is irrelevant; the marker for success the degree of commitment and determination to get to that next level and the level after that and so on.  So, let’s challenge ourselves to go all in and see what happens when we do.  We will be pleased with the results….

Loving life when I go all in

Time to think

We know that the three core elements of THPL are Life, Learning, and Fitness.  Underlying each of them are tried and true practices and techniques, and of course new approaches.  To bring it all together, to maximize our potential it is important that we give ourselves enough time to contemplate what we are doing, to think about our approaches, our options, and alternatives.  It is too easy just to keep doing things the way that we have and the only real wake to develop to break through is to spend time thinking. So, let’s make sure that we are giving ourselves enough “think” time as the reward is significant when we do, on so many levels.  Thinking makes us better, indeed it does!

Loving life whenever I spending time thinking

Never too late

It is possible, that whether we are on the THPL journey or not at all involved with THPL that someone can perceive that it is too late to try to give it “ a try”.  That THPL is not for me, I am not that strong, fast, smart or gifted.  And to this we say – no.  It is never too late, THPL is not about anyone being further along or more qualified.  What THPL is about is each of us, from the position that we are, with the capabilities that we have, starting and moving forward with purpose, care, and intent to get better in our lives. To become better versions of ourselves.  The improvement can be little or big, it can be slow or fast, all of it does not matter as long as we are working on ourselves, on our lives, so that we feel better about ourselves.   So, here’s to knowing that it is never too late to start investing in ourselves.  Let’s get going there is only better ahead.

Loving life whenever I get going

A few seconds

It is hard not to connect the amazing performances in some way to the things that we do on our THPL journey.  The margin of victory in Olympic events hardly measurable, they can win with a hundredth of a second, only perceptible with a photo finish.  And from this kind of performance inspiration for all of us.  Might we think a bit differently about what we can do ourselves?  Maybe we can start to measure our performance and work to get better by small increments, could be a few seconds, or a few more repetitions, or few more pounds.  The key is that we work harder and harder and focus on improving and then before our own eyes, we see our results get better.  A sense of accomplishment that is hard to replicate and always within our reach.  A few seconds is all we need…..

Loving life when I get better

A note to self

We are 50 days into 2018, it has been quite the year already.  We are all working our annual objectives, there are crazy things happening in the world, the Olympics are going on and so much more.  Even with this kind of frenetic level of activity, we should take a moment for introspection.  It is important that we do this before too much time passes and we miss the opportunity for improvement or adjustment.  It might even be a good thing to write a note to ourselves. What are we pleased with – what can we be doing better – what can we change.  Let’s be honest with ourselves.  The note is just for us, to think about ourselves in a no-risk way, to allow for a moment of honesty.  It is from actions like this that we set our path towards self-improvement and since there is nothing in our way to get this done but ourselves it should bubble to the top very soon.  Time to get out that pencil and paper……Note to self……

Loving life when I write my letter

A better way

We all know, whether on our journey, or not, that with a bit of effort, thought, or idea, there is a better way.  It has been the foundation of all that is THPL and others who strive to do more than they think they can.  So, the question we need to ask of ourselves is….what will we do to find a better way.  What effort do we put into improvement?  Do we tap into others who have deeper experience, do we research best practices, do we try new ideas, do we just practice more and more?  There are so many ways that we can do better, and it is just inside of us and ready for us to tap into.  Let’s give it a go – let’s find a better way and see what happens when we do.

Loving life when I find a better way

Our expectations


When we set out on our THPL journey it really is up to us to set our goals, our plans, our expectations and the way that we are going to get there.  We often say it in this form – Dream it, Plan it, Practice it, Do it.  And with this approach, we get to consider what we think is possible, what our expectations are for our performance and our accomplishments.  It could mean one more, one faster, more frequency, better time, whatever the measure we should be explicit about it, then go after it and then reset it higher and then do it again and again as we exceed our expectations. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing we did better than the goals/expectations that we set for ourselves.  It takes a lot to get there and we know that…and that is why it is so fun to set new goals and go after them, indeed it is…

Loving life when we push the envelope on what we think is possible

Four Years


We know that there are many who follow the principles and beliefs that are core to THPL who are on a similar journey that we are.  And with the winter Olympics in full go-mode right now it makes sense to think about Olympic athletes as living their version of THPL life.  And from them, we can learn a lot about what it means to dedicate ourselves to a mission.  It is amazing to think about the idea that we would practice and prepare for four years before competing for an elusive medal.  It is from this kind of example that we realize, it really is more about enjoying the journey and making the most of it.  It is great to have a big goal but it is equally important to make a commitment to the process and to excellence as it is what really matters. Here’s to having the discipline, the commitment and the love for the journey as it is truly what THPL is all about

Loving life when we just enjoy the journey

with great sadness


It is impossible to make sense of the shootings that are going on in America’s schools.  Schools are a place where children, teens and adults should be safe – safer than anywhere and they have now become havens for horrible tragedies.  It is no longer an isolated incident.  It is now an epidemic.  Many of us went to school in a different era and we never encountered anything like this.  We are just six weeks into 2018 and we have had 18 school shootings.  This is impossible to reconcile…..  Life taken away is not acceptable and while we all feel the sadness, and object to the tragedies, we are doing too little to address the issue. So today, in addition to passing on our deep condolences and prayers we have to put our energy into finding a way to stop this madness.  We cannot allow this to continue. 

Loving life when we start to fix the school shooting problem

Hang in there


What we like is that THPL has, as a core element, the consistency of what the journey provides.  It gives us context, and focus, it gives us community and goals and from this we can enjoy what we do as well as feel suitably challenged.   And yet, there are times when we feel that our progress is not going as well we would like, that we have hit some kind of plateau.  It is at these moments when we need to recognize that this is just part of how we develop.  During the times that we feel “stalled” we are actually growing and developing the capability to take it to the next level.  So, let’s accept the natural growth process and hang in there.  Before we know it we will be onto taking on the next hard challenge having moved our skill and capability to the next level.   

Loving life when I know how to hang in there




A taste of gold



The Olympics are such a great example of THPL at the highest level.  The commitment, sacrifice, determination, and execution required to compete and to win a gold medal is something that is at a different level than many of us can understand.  And then when you can do it not just once but at different games, the exhibit of excellence over time is something to be admired.  Today, after missing a medal four years ago, and now under the pressure of needing to turn in a spectacular run to win the gold Shaun White “put it down” on the halfpipe and came from behind to with the gold.  The focus and determination to get it done is nothing short of remarkable and a real testament to driving to win even when it is hard and does seem likely that it would work.  Hats off to Shawn for making it back to the top of the podium and showing the emotion for what it took to get there and get the result that he worked eight years to get.                                                      

Loving life when I see a great comeback




Interesting people


As we traverse our THPL journey we have an opportunity to do it on our own or to do it alongside other people.   While it might take a bit of effort to be with others doing so increases the chances that we will meet interesting people and it seems that it would be way better and more engaging if we can find interesting people to interact with on our journey.  The good news is that interesting people are always around us, we might just have to pick up our heads and put in a bit of effort so that we can see them, engage with them, learn from them.  And when we do the opportunity to engage brings with it benefits beyond what we would imagine.   

Loving life when I meet interesting people



A daily win


Every day is full of a lot of moments, some of them big, some small, some significant and others to be forgotten.  And while on our THPL journey we do this again and again.  We have a way about getting through our days because we are so focused on our bigger goals.  This is good and yet, there is something to be said for getting a daily win, something that moves us forward, makes us feel good, that gives us a sense of accomplishment.  All it takes is a bit of focus, a bit extra effort, a recognition that we are indeed capable of being better each day and feeling it inside ourselves, moving, growing, developing.  What was your win today?

Loving life when I get that daily win




We are what we eat


It is good to remind ourselves that as we traverse our THPL journey we need to make sure that we fuel ourselves properly.  How we eat, what we eat matters, we need to have a plan a way, a set of principles that we use to guide ourselves so that we can stay on track.  Having a whole-foods philosophy is a good foundation with an emphasis on sustainable, organic foods.  It starts with a good amount of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.  It is good to know that when we eat this way we get high-quality vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and so much more…..none of which can be matched by processed or packaged alternatives.  And we know that what we eat is not fixed or static, that we should adjust our food based on our activity level and how we are feeling.  So, let’s commit to making what we eat important and doing it better and better all the time.

Loving life when I am eating well

Opening Ceremony


The winter Olympics start today in South Korea and what a great spectacle the opening ceremony is.  The choreography amazing, a feeling of the local culture coming through, and an endless parade of smiling face,s all contribute to a coming together of winter athletes from across the globe.  And at a moment such as this one, we are reminded that we can live together and co-exist and even engage with each other in something as simple as a sport.  Over this two-week period, we will witness a model for how we should live every day.  With purpose and potential, each of the athletes will give it their all to show to themselves, and the world, who is the best in their discipline.  No guns, no anger, nothing but positive feelings that represent what is possible when we get closer to each other and connect in many a human way.  Yes, hope springs eternal on such a night – the opening ceremony once again a metaphor for life, and in this case The High Performance Life.

Loving life when I watch the Olympics.

Leave no trace


When we traverse our THPL journey we can, for sure, get caught up and just focused on making forward progress.  So, it is good to remind ourselves that there are foundational principles that we can lean on to help ensure that we stay focused and centered on our journey.  One set of these are the Leave No Trace principles.  For more than 50 years we have had them serve as the foundation for minimizing the impact we have on the earth, and more specifically on conservation in the outdoors. 

1.    plan ahead and prepare,

2.    travel and camp on durable surfaces,

3.    dispose of waste properly

4.    leave what you find,

5.    minimize campfire impacts,

6.    respect wildlife,

7.    be considerate of other visitors.

All we have to do is to follow ideas and principles like this while on our THPL journey and the world we live in and wow, will it be a better place, or what!                                                    

Loving life when I leave no trace

Do your research


As we travel the journey that is THPL there are moments when it necessary to know more than we do about what we are experiencing along the way.  There is a sense of need that comes from these moments – a sense that we need to learn more and know more about what we are facing and what is going on around us.  So, to stay true to the THPL Learning mission we need to embrace tools like Google and Wikipedia, to name a few, that allow us, at a moment’s notice, to stop and research the topic we are in need of learning more about.  Digging-in to do the research and to learn more is both fun and necessary.  We can make it like a treasure hunt and look for more and more ideas, insights, facts and other artifacts that we need to be good and knowledgeable about the topic at hand.  It is indeed a marvelous way to spend time when we are not out doing other things.

Loving life when I am learning

Big Think


Every day there are more and more examples of people willing to test the boundaries of what is possible.  It can be in sports, business, life – all manifesting themselves in more and more interesting ways push what is possible. Today was yet another example of people who believe they can do more than most think is possible.  Elon Musk and his company Space X launched a rocket from Cape Canaveral into space to show to the world that we can launch rockets at a much more reasonable ($90m) price than the $1b that Nasa needs to get a rocket launched.  The indefatigable spirit and the belief that our current systems will not bridge us to a bright future catalyzes investors, like Elon.  It is inspiring to see this happen and it should make each of us just a bit bolder about what we can do and what we are willing to take on.  Big think indeed! 

Loving life when I am inspired by big thinkers

Quandary Peak

Quandary Peak.jpg

Quandary – “a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation”. Seems to be a fitting definition when one sets out to hike to the top of a 14er (a peak over 14,000 feet) in the Colorado Rockies in the middle of the winter.  A great challenge at any time of year but when the conditions consist of 40 mph winds, temps around 12 degrees, snow swirling around, it makes the goal of getting to the top ever more challenging.  There is an inner drive that we need to tap so that we could overcome the conditions while we search for the route to the top, hike beyond a few false peaks, and support each other (our group of seven) as each small step gets us closer and closer to the top.  Getting to the top of Quandary Peak (and getting back down again) felt great, the challenge of the day bringing that amazing feeling we get when we achieve an objective, on our THPL journey.  Yesterday, we had seven satisfied and tired hikers who figured out how to overcome that difficult situation – a great day for sure! 

Loving life when I bag a 14er