three servings

We all know that maintaining a proper nutrition plan is ever more complicated and challenging.  When the choices were what we grew on our farm or in our yard it was seemingly easier.  We grow it – we eat it.  Today, we are not close enough to the “growing” process so it is important for us to remind ourselves that what comes out of the ground is what we need to fuel our THPL journey.  So how about we establish some guidelines.  What if we thought about the target number of servings of “grown/plant” (not packaged) foods we would eat in a day.  What if we challenged ourselves to have grown/plant foods at least three a day – one at each meal.  We might find that our food choices would get better and better.  And as a result, we would feel better and perform better.  We could then take it as far as we like.  From 'three' to all of our food items we can decide, regardless of the number, our nutritional profile moves in the right direction with a grown/plant approach.

Loving life when I am eating foods that we grow

Bringing people together

The THPL community gets stronger as we add people to it.  The larger the community the more we all benefit.  We can learn from each other, we can share experiences, we can support each other.  There is so much good that comes when we get closer together that we need to make it an important element of how we traverse our THPL journey.  It is important, maybe even our responsibility, to bring people together.  We can create any reason that we want to come together – it could be just for idle conversation or it can be for sharing an experience that is special and “big” to each of us.  We just feel (do) better when we are connected and involved, supporting each other, caring for each other, challenging each other.  So, next time we start “anything” let’s think about who we can invite or include and then do it.  The results of this kind of community coming together are one of the magical parts of life.  Let’s give it a try…..

Loving life when I bring people together

Goodness is contagious

We know that as consuming as the THPL journey can be we cannot allow ourselves to ignore all that goes on around us.  Of late there have been situations that are disturbing and miss the core of what we believe in and stand for – that each individual is unique and special and that we each have immense potential that we seek to optimize in our daily lives. It bears stating again and again -  we can never condone, nor accept, any behavior that disrespects another person, for any reason, ever. And we build on this undeniable truth by showing, in the way that we live and traverse our THPL journey that, our positive behavior can have a collateral positive effect on others.  That goodness is indeed contagious, that when we treat others well it sets the mark for how others should do the same.  It all starts with us, with respect for each other, the living of the high-performance life principles, and the rejection of anything less than treating others as we ourselves would want to be treated.  It is time to reinforce what we know matters, now…..

Loving life when I am making a difference by how I treat others 

Get Ready

There are some interesting things that happen as we traverse our THPL journey. One of them happens when we lay witness to an event, a person, a story that triggers something inside us to want to give it a try.  And often when this happens we know less about the implications of our inspired feeling, yet we are compelled to step in the direction of giving it a go.  Might it be skydiving, recording a YouTube video, kayaking, traveling, writing – it could be any of these and or anything for that matter.  What we want to be able to do is to effectively pursue our inspired thought and to do this using a thoughtful and logical approach regarding the new endeavor.  So, when we get that feeling let’s immediately turn our focus to getting ready.  What do we need to know, who can we learn from, what gear or equipment do we need, what skills do we need to build and so on.  The moment we start to get ready the probability of achieving our inspired thought goes up considerably.  And getting it done, is after all, what we want that surge of positive energy to turn into……

Loving life when I am getting ready

seven days....

THPL is all about pushing ourselves, so how do we amp it up?  We have lots of approaches that we can use but a simple one, one that can fit into our busy lives is to use a seven-day challenge approach.  It is up to us to choose what we do – the challenge can focus on fitness, learning, life – it is really up to us.  Once we have our pathway we write down the day by day challenge.  The plan should increase the intensity, and the volume, as each day progresses. At the end of the seven days we have an opportunity to re-up and do it again, or claim victory for a week well executed.  Time to get going….

Loving life when I execute on a great seven day plan

What to do….

There are so many areas of focus that are required to bring THPL to life.  And often when we are busy and focused we tend to ignore that which is going on around us.  We might talk about what we can do to protect our vital natural resources, what it means to be part of a vibrant community, and how having access to more than just basic needs are all necessary to live the THPL life.  Yet, if we are too focused inwardly we can miss that  just over our shoulder there are real issues that we live among like global warming, poverty, illiteracy, fairness and much more.  These big issues often can seem to lofty and complicated to digest, let along create a sense of urgency towards action.   And yet it would seem only right that if we are to live a truly high performance life that we would want to think about, and do something about, these issues.  What we do can be small, it can be big, that does not matter - what matters is that we think about and focus on the issues, being aware, caring and ultimately knowing that we do have the ability to make an impact.  What we do is up to us…..indeed it is

Loving life when I am doing what I must do

Take a photo

We go on the THPL journey to find meaning, purpose, power, confidence and so much more.  And to get the most out of our journey we also need to look, listen and learn.  There is so much to see, so much to touch and feel that it would be impossible not to be moved or affected by what we lay witness to.  All too often, though, what we see is fleeting, a memory for sure, but not a permanent record for us to revisit whenever we want.  And thus, the reason why we should be inspired to take photos of that which we see and feel moved by while on our journey.  It is too easy to take pictures and it is fun to record what we see, share it as we see fit, and save it as a living memory moment of our version of THPL.  Click away!!!!

Loving life when I am taking photos

What did I eat

We all know that food (fuel) is essential to our THPL journey and the living a high performance life.  And as much as we know about it, there are times when we do not pay enough attention to that which we eat.  And if we find ourselves in this situation, we can make small and impactful changes, that will help us to get to a good place with food and nutrition.  With focus, a bit of research and some clear thinking we can take a pause and make sure that we know what we are eating and what the nutritional profile is and if we think it would be good for us.  For example, we can make sure that we are having “whole foods” in our meals – that is food that is natural and has not been processed.  When we take a moment to focus on what we are eating so many good things happen.  It is not all that much work – we just have to make it important so that we can get the benefits that come with eating right and knowing what we eat. 

Loving life when I am eating well

Get used to it

Too often, on the THPL journey, we hit moments that seem hard, cause strain, might even be uncomfortable.  And when this happens it can take us off our game.  We might hesitate, we could get distracted, we might even contemplate stopping.  There are ways to avoid this situation (avoid an outcome we don’t want).  One way is to find a way to simulate, or practice being in “pain” or being uncomfortable.  If we get used to it during “training” then when it happens in “real life” it feels normal.  By normalizing it we are then ready and we do not overreact to the situation.  We have a lot of control over how we look at life and this is yet another example of the decisions that we can make, the mindset of how we think, and the way that we live which makes life better and allows us to live our version of the high performance life.

Loving life when I practice….everything

Reduce our impact

The path that we take on our THPL journey is full of ideas, plans, results and so much more.  And in each moment, as we take the next step, we have the opportunity to think one more level deeper about what we are doing.  Is there a way to do the same thing and reduce the impact that we are having?   Can we use less, can we do it better, can we set an example for how to be a better steward of the world that we live in.  We don’t need much guidance on this one – just use our best judgment and we can reduce our impact and that will make it better for us and everyone around us

Loving life when I reduce my footprint

Pick it up again

Living the high performance life has a much to do about the breadth of our life and our experiences as it does the depth of what we do.  And every once in so often we are reminded that there were topics or talents that at some point in our life we were quite good at, or just enjoyed.  For some reason, the time of our life, or other priorities, we lost touch with that which we enjoyed, that which brought depth and happiness to our lives.  So, maybe our THPL challenge should be finding one of those things that we really liked doing and “pick it up again”.  Art, piano, tennis, reading et al, there are so many examples of skills and talents that we have, that have not been used for quite some time and it is good for us to reach in and take it up again.  Ever so casual it would be great to reconnect with that which we so enjoyed at another time in our life.  Yes, just pick it up again and have fun – there is nothing better to do. 

Loving life when I pick it up again. 



We have 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week.  They are for us to choose how we use them.  And there are sometimes that we do better with time and when we do we get so much more done and our journey becomes optimal. The key for us is to drive towards consistency and optimization and getting the best use of our time.  All we have to do is to think about the techniques that help ensure that we maximize our time management and then build them into our daily practices.  Examples include, streamlining how we make decisions, starting the day earlier, avoiding “empty” time, doing the easy things first, and many, many others.  We know ourselves what works – it is time to make best use of our time.  Create our own approach to maximizing, the return on this approach can be staggering. 

Loving life when I am maximizing time

Six Minutes

Yes, the THPL journey does make for a full life.  There are days that we barely have a minute to think let alone sit down to read a book or watch an inspiring video.  But when we do decide to do such things we reach into and touch other people, see how they live, what they do, the decisions they make, and so much more.  From this we  can be inspired, informed, or intimidated.  The key, is not an exact reaction but that we get a reaction, that we feel something, that we say oh wow…and then think about how we want to think about our potential and how we will realize it.  So, how about we take six minutes and check out the video link below.  Two wicked cool guys laying it down, no excuses, just exploring without a motor….how cool is that




Loving life when I am take a few minutes to think big

Responsible living

It is good to remind ourselves that the THPL experience is a shared experience.  One whereby all that we do has an impact on our peers, how they live, how we live together, and so much more.  And if ever there was any doubt that doing right by thinking about the natural world that is around us matters, all we have to do is to read the paper, watch the news, and look around us.  What we realize is that there is an incredible opportunity for positive impact with responsible living.  A way of living that evaluates the impact of our actions on more than just our individual lives.  Responsible living is about considering the impact of what we do on others and their lives, taking care of where we live, evaluating how we live, and ultimately how we leave it for others who live with us and those who follow. 

Loving life when I am living responsibly

Never too xxxxx

It would not be surprising that while on our THPL journey that someone, or many people for that matter, or even ourselves would tell us that we are to old, to young, to inexperienced, to "anything" to do something that we want to do.  And at that moment we face a real test – a test of our commitment, our resolve, of our belief that we can do more than we think we can.  With a clear heart, we will know that there is nothing in our way.  We know that we cannot allow anyone to tell us we cannot do something.   And so, we take the next step on our journey striking out the never too “anything” and keep doing more and more with nothing in our way   

Loving life when I do more than others believe I can


Learning along the THPL journey has become easier and more effective than ever.  Content is portable, it is domain specific, it can be consumed in different formats, and it is readily available in large and small quantities whenever we want.  We have the ultimate in personalization and applicability with the resources that we carry around (or can access) via our smart phones.  And the podcast format has become even more powerful with apps like Stitcher that catalog and publish over 2,000 podcasts.  We can download them for offline use, we can create our own playlist of content, we can browse a subject, we can take an “expert” with us at all times and by listening we learn and experience and make the THPL journey even that much better.  Hooked to podcasts that is what we all can be.  The impact big and the surprise and delight factor ever present

Loving life when I am listening to a great podcast

Share something

We all learn so much while on our THPL journey that it is almost a moral imperative that we take time to share what we learn.  Techniques, experiences, best practices, good ideas, things to avoid and so much more. Let’s take the time to tell others what we think would help them on their journey.  Tell stories so that it resonates.  Give examples so that it is easy to understand.  Show them when it is hard to convey.  The more we do this for each other the better we all get.  Someone might even share something with us – imagine how great that would be.

Loving life when I share something

I pick myself up

There are many wonderful parts of the THPL journey.  One that is near the top of the list is that we get to challenge ourselves as much as we want to take on big things, to do new things, to try that which we might not ordinarily do.  From this amazing gift many great things can happen and of course moments that are not exactly as we want or expect.  Failures, missed attempts, sub-optimal performance they are all possible outcomes.  And the question is what do we do when less than perfect happens.  Do we stop there, do we look to others to pull us out of our situation, or do we take ownership of our circumstance and pick ourselves up and move forward?  We know that THPL is as much about self-reliance as it is about anything and it is in these difficult situations that we get the opportunity to test how good we are at being resilient  and ready to go at it again.  We know we have it in us – it is part of why we see THPL as the journey that we want to take.  Let’s just remember that it is up to us to be responsible for our results and what we do with them. Here’s to looking forward to taking care of ourselves and being better for it!

Loving life when I pick myself up

Take a nap

There are many strategies that we can use to improve our performance and our overall life.  They are mostly familiar and usually include more activity, more practice, better technique and other active ways of living.  Yet, if we think, for just a minute, we will realize that there is another strategy that we can leverage to improve our performance.  Taking a nap…. a nap, a short period of sleep usually between 9 am and 9 pm.  Naps are typically 20-30 minutes, they can have extraordinary positive impact when used properly.  Planned or unplanned they can take off the edge, rejuvenate us, make us feel better and set us up for a great day.  There is no reason to push through when we need a nap, we just have to find a new discipline inside us to allow us to take a nap when we need one. It will be one of the best decisions we make every day.  When am I going to nap!  Time for one just about now……

Loving life when I am make time for a nap                                                                                 


Joey g

Look around you

The THPL journey can be enhanced with new tech for sure.  It can help us get from here to there efficiently and effectively.  Yet, it seems that there are so many other things that we should think about, and work on, that can enhance our overall experience as we progress along our journey.  There are clues and signs that can tell us which way to go – this can be on a trail or a road.  Look for patterns and flows and you can know what direction to take – most people head in the same direction and so you can move with confidence when you see this around you.  There are elements of nature that indicate what is happening with the weather, the wind picks up, the temperature changes, animals and birds react- we can all feel it if we just take a moment to let it sink in.  It can protect us and give us time to prepare if we pay more attention.  And then there is little of coincidence – when we see something, there is usually a reason.  We can find our way by just raising our antenna and paying attention to what is around us – clues abound and when we choose not to use our GPS our journey is enhanced with a sense of where we are and what is happening around us and it feels good to use this signaling to take our experience to the next level.  Yes, looking around us supercharges our abilities – let’s give it a go – every day – and see where it takes us….we might just like the outcome.

Loving life when I am looking around all the time