Let’s forget to check our phone

We often think of our THPL journey as a seamless experience and can be so focused that we forget to consider those things that are distractions to our ability to be effective and to accomplish all that we want our journey to be.  So how about we construct times on the journey when we are so occupied, so engaged that we forget to check our phone.  We are so focused that we have no reason to do so, the messages, the information will be there when we are done.  The key is to be so diligent in what we are doing that we do not even miss the phone.  A good goal for sure, can we challenge ourselves to do this at least once every day?  We will only have ourselves to measure our success…. Let’s give it a go – see how well we do. 

Loving life when I can go without my phone for a while

It just takes one

While on this THPL journey, we can find ourselves to be our greatest critics.  Not doing enough, not executing perfectly, not reaching our goals quickly and so much more.  The question, hard to resolve, for the high performer, is how to be satisfied with our progress.  Yes, we know we can always do more but when is it ever enough, do we appreciate the progress we are making or do we stretch for more.  Can we ever celebrate on the way to success or will we feel that we are never there?  Maybe, just maybe, we need to change our thinking – could it be that it is really not about our individual performance…..maybe, in fact, it is about what we do for others, directly or indirectly.  Maybe our way of living influenced someone else, maybe we coached someone, maybe we challenged yet another person – in any, and all of these circumstances, our measure of progress/contribution is that which someone else took away from their encounter with us.  It might really be that how we think about measurement changes as we become more and more effective with what we do for others – not just ourselves.  It is a good and healthy way to think and measure ourselves.  It only takes one to have it all be worth it.  Indeed….

Loving life when I am helping just one person

Spring and Autumn


THPL is on the road again.  Traversing the two “transition” seasons.  Autumn in the northern hemisphere and Spring in the southern hemisphere.  The feeling as similar as it is different.  The goodness about THPL is that journey that we are on provides us a reminder, again and again, that at every turn, at every moment we have an opportunity to feel, to observe, to think about what is happening around us and how we can grow and change.  Trigger moments, like the change of the seasons, gives us the opportunity to evaluate where we are on our journey and if we want to, or need to, make a course correction.  It is up to us what we do and it is good to build these check-in moments, naturally, into our THPL journey.  It can be something that we look forward to.  Here’s to the change of seasons. There can be more to them than just dates on the calendar

Loving life when I am transitioning

Good reminder

We all know that while a journey can happen in the head and the heart it more likely resembles something that includes real movement.  Movement that is outside and all around   And while we most likely do not need a reminder that being outside, exploring, experiencing the beauty, seeing and feeling all that is around us, is magical.... it is a good practice to find ways to make sure we get outside, and sometimes far away from what it is we see frequently.  Explore, find places to go, get out there and be inspired.  Take a moment – watch this video below, feel the energy and then let’s plan our next outside adventure.  There is nothing like it, that is for sure! 

Loving life when I am exploring all that is outside

What we eat


We know that to keep going on the THPL journey requires fuel and the right fuel at that.  Sometimes we might just grab what is nearby and this can work, from time to time, but over the long term, this is not the best food/nutrition strategy.  Naturally, we will crave healthier, heartier, better foods.  We just must work our way there.  Reaching for power foods like nuts, whole grains, chickpeas, broccoli, kale, blueberries and so much more, can really make a positive impact on how we feel and perform.  We get all of the right nutrients, we get the right kind of fuel and it tastes great!  So, let’s take a moment, as we push ourselves, to make the right food choices.  It will be worth it...

Loving life when I am eating my superfoods

starting soon.....


Along the THPL journey, we have so many things that we want to do.  Of course, there is the standard stuff that keeps us going every day and there are the challenges that we take on to keep ourselves sharp.  There is also a great opportunity to create anticipation, to build excitement, to have things to look forward to – these all fall under the category of “starting soon”.  The “starting soon” category is a great technique to motivate us, to keep us focused, and to push us forward.  We take a moment to define that which we want to do in the near future and we then put it out there and work towards it.  We can do this as many times as we want and what we will find is that the process of getting there is as fun as when we do get there.  This approach frees our inner spirit and works in our favor to keep the heart beating and the energy flowing.   Start building your "starting soon" list and before you know it many, many more great things will happen.

Loving life when I am working toward my starting soon list

A moment by ourselves


Take the THPL journey and we are sure to spend time with many special people. So many opportunities to observe, to learn, to experience.  Camaraderie, companionship, challenge they are all part of a shared experience.   What could be better? ….Maybe it is a time when we just want to be by ourselves.  Go places, do things, experience all that is around, push ourselves, go slow, go fast…….we choose.  We can go unencumbered, no permission required.  The quiet, a sense of peace, a time to get good at being alone, to be with ourselves and figure out what we want to get from our time with no other soul in spitting distance.   It is a moment to be cherished and to be taken as often as we can.  Being by ourselves, yes something to look forward to.

Loving life when I spend time by myself



This THPL journey that we are on, when it is working right, it is as natural and rhythmic as our heartbeat, stamping out beat after beat…. Energy, warmth, power, love, purpose and then some.  At some level we should assume that it is always there, can be taken for granted, to work in our favor, to keep us on the journey.  And yet, it seems that we should take a moment to appreciate what it does for us.  That heartbeat, the source of all that we do……we need to take a moment, a moment to reflect, to feel its power, to make the best use of this miracle of who we are.  A time to match our life with the incredible potential that vibrates with each beat.  A better blessing we could not be given. 

Loving life when I feel my heart beat…..


Joey g

Is it really luck……


Following the THPL journey provides a pathway with a lot of structural integrity.  We dream, plan, practice and do – we emulate great people – we take on new challenges and find a path forward.  So many interesting options for how we move along our journey.  And when things go well, it would not be surprising to us.  There could be, though, a random occurrence when we hear someone say, “boy were you lucky”.  The statement in its literal meaning translating to “chance” not “one’s actions” that led to our success.  This seems to be in conflict with the THPL way – one where we make our lives, we craft them as we see fit, and we create the outcomes as we would like them to be.  The “random” occurrence that luck implies is incongruent, with THPL.  Rather it is good fortune that we find, not luck, as it is a result of our efforts, each and every time.  So, when we hear that we are lucky, we can just remind ourselves that if we must use the work luck we can go with the famous – “luck is where opportunity meets preparation”.  Indeed, it is! 

Loving life when I am full of good fortune…..

As the days go by.....


Yes, it is starting to feel like autumn is just around the corner.  The days are just a bit shorter, the temperature just a bit cooler and the flora and fauna starting to change.  There are so many reasons that this changeover in seasons is enticing.  We can feel differently, we can be inspired, we can just be more aware of what is going around us.  The senses are awakened and we have an opportunity to embrace our changing conditions so that we feel alive, stimulated and appreciative of all that is around us. Let’s enjoy it – get outside – eye’s wide open and just smile…

Loving life when I appreciate all that is around

with civility.....


At its core, THPL, is a set of principles and techniques, that guide us, support us and keep us tracking towards our individual goals and a healthy community.  And from time to time it is good to remind ourselves of some of these core principles as it is important to create a vibrant environment for us to live in. A key one is that of civility – working together, respecting each other, focused on a common goal with broad scale beneficial purposes.  It sounds great and it is indeed the kind of world that we want to live in.  And it all starts with us – how we treat each other, how we support and care for each other and how we work together.  All of this is under our control – we stay positive, we stay away from criticism, and we find a common ground to build on.  When we do this, we create a sound foundation for individuals and our community and life is just good (and getting better).   Time to focus on civility – it gets us a good return…

Loving life when I am living in a civil community

What lays ahead


We could simply think about THPL and our journey as the definition of what is in front of us and with the focus on Life, Learning and Fitness we would seemingly have "enough" to know what to do and what we can get out of each element.  Yet, all too often, it does not seem to be enough, we want more, we want to know more, feel more, dig a bit deeper, be more.  For it is when we do this that we find out, that which we might not have known, understood or had access to.  And so it is – we need our big goals, our audacious plans, our crazy ideas to complement our journey – to set us up for “big things” and “big think”.  What lays ahead is up to us – we get to choose what we do – we can go as big as we want and it is this idea that is exhilarating and a catalyst for a bigger version of THPL…..indeed……

Loving life when I am charting the course to what is next



We all know that recovery is a critical element of living THPL.  And we need to make it important after both big and small events.  We love to push ourselves and so the challenge we need to take on is to think about recovery as something that we are actually pushing ourselves through – we might even create recovery goals so that we can measure our recovery process.  Recovery can take many forms, from active recovery with stretching, compression, or low heart rate activities to traditional recovery like rest, massage or physio.  Knowing that there is a lot of flexibility that we can put to our recovery process we should be able to design a program that suits us and our recovery needs.  It can be fun and it will be rewarding.  It seems like it is time to start the recovery process…indeed it is

Loving life when I am recovering from a big event

That was amazing….


After four days, over 90 hours, thirty mountain top peaks, I completed the circumnavigation of Lake Tahoe in California.  Alongside almost 200 other entrants we explored the terrain, the Tahoe Rim Trail and each of our individual souls.  While the runners that I was with were not explicit THPL community members we all have a similar purpose – to find out what happens when you combine, a big goal, a lot of miles of running, the mountains and just 100 hours.  It is hard to explain directly the way that exhaustion, and a constant drum beat of running with the beauty of the outdoors bring to us and our lives.  The edges of life are touched and there is an amazing emotional feeling that builds when improbable goals connect with the reality that each of us take on every day.  We can really do more than we think we can and we can prove this in big ways with adventures like this – or in our regular daily lives.  The living examples of what we can do to confirm this and their range of impact are there for us to do with as we see fit.  This past weekend just another instance of the choice to go big and to prove that we can do that whenever we want.  Here is to each of our adventures and the great things that come when we take them on.

Loving life when I finish amazing adventures. 

The adventure continues


Today I set out for my longest run/trek yet.  A 205-mile circumnavigation of Lake Tahoe in California (the Tahoe 200).  By definition an event like this will be epic- the mountains, the distance, being outdoors from morning through night, it is hard to know exactly what will happen ----it is why we go and do these kinds of events.  It should take a bit more than three days to complete. 40,000 feet of climbing up mountains and then back down.  Not a lot of sleep just a lot of one foot in front of the other.  I will have time to think and reflect, to see what THPL can do for me while out there and what I do when it gets tough and tougher.  I will report out what I find when I am done.  In between, and for the next few days, I will send a few “remote” blogs, “reports from the field” that are a view into how I am doing as I move along this amazing challenge.  I start with a big smile as I think about how we get ourselves to take on bigger and bigger challenges.  I know I will benefit immensely from the experience and hope that others on their THPL journey set out to find their version of the “big challenge”.  I will be rooting for you!   See you when I am done…..

Loving life when I start out on amazing adventures!


Joey g

Challenging convention


There is a lot that THPL can do for us.  It can provide structure, community, practices, ideas, examples and much more.  And yet, there is more, it should be a catalyst for change, for challenging convention, for asking the question why?  Or Why not?  Does it need to be this way?  Who decided anyway?  From this kind of “Socratic” method (asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions) we can give ourselves the freedom to challenge convention.  For example, what is it that we gear up most of our life to retire?  Retire from what we can ask?  From living?  We can each come up with our questions and we can use this process, if for nothing else, to do more thinking, to feel more, to exercise that brain of ours and our learning and Life dimension of THPL.  Time to have some fun challenging convention….ready, set, go….

Loving life when I am challenging convention

Make an introduction


We all have the pleasure and benefit of doing amazing things while on our THPL journey.  And yet, more than anything, the real highlight of living the high performance life is meeting other remarkable people.   Some come along with us on the journey for a long time, others we just interact with briefly.  Every interaction we have is a moment to learn and share – a time that is cherished and valued.  And so when we decide to take THPL to the next level we can do so by making introductions between people who are part of our community and others who do not yet know them.  We can share this blessing and in so doing we bring great people closer together, we inspire each other because of our like interests and perspectives, and we can share what is precious and lasting – the connection between people on the THPL journey.  A better outcome would be hard to imagine.

Loving life when I introduce great people to great people

till the last moment....


The THPL journey will take us some time, well, a lot of time. And this is a good thing – we did not step onto this journey thinking it was going to be easy, or fast, or get over soon.  We like the idea that a good part of the journey is a test of our ability to stay focused and energized for long periods of time.  Mindset is critical – it has to overcome a lot that is in the way, a lot of resistance and a lot of friction.  And then there is that moment, towards a milestone, towards the end, when it does not feel as good as it has before when the odds seem to be working against us when the support is just not there as it used to be.  It is at these moments that we must dig deep, we have to remind ourselves that it is in us to get through the moment, to take the fight to it, to make sure that we put all aside and go for it in a big way.  It might be darkest before the dawn but we also know that it will soon be light and we will have won it.   

Loving life when I fight to the last moment.


Joey g

The checklist….


The THPL journey is one where there is a lot going on.  We are juggling our sort of normal life, amping it up all the time with new challenges, a consistent drum beat of Life, Learning and Fitness themes, and so much more.  It seems that 24 hours in a day or 168 hours in a week might just not be enough.  And yet we know that this is enough time; could it be that our emotional state gets in the way of proper execution?  When it comes to exquisite execution there are some very tried and tested approaches.  One for sure is the use of a checklist.  A list of tasks, steps, actions that need to be taken to get the outcome desired.  The checklist is created in a moment of peace and quiet when we can think clearly.  The checklist is vetted by our experience and that of other “experts”.  The check list available as a resource to be used as often as always.  Every airline pilot knows that they must complete their checklist before takeoff – it is the method for getting up and down safely.  Expertise combined with good process just makes us better at what we do.  Let’s celebrate the checklist, create them, use them and keep them nearby – they are after all the permission to launch.   

Loving life when I use my checklist

With compassion


We all get quite good at our version of THPL and when we do we can distance ourselves from others who have made different choices in life.  We have to recognize that what we have chosen to do, how we live our lives….this is our choice and it is not to be better than what anyone else chooses to do.  We can encourage, we can inform, we can help if someone wants to examine if THPL is right for them but we cannot judge someone for the choices they make.  As a matter of advice (to ourselves) we need to bring compassion to all interactions about THPL to ensure that we are supportive and caring whatever the decision or results that others get.  We are all of equal importance and when we support each other and show care and compassion we get so much further on our journey.  It is after all why we chose the path that we did….. 

Loving life when I take time to be compassionate.