Work hard, play hard

It would not be the first time that we hear such words – work hard, play hard.  It is good advice – a reminder that to get the most from our time on our journey we have to put a lot into it.  With three weeks remaining in the year and the holiday season upon us this is the time when we have to keep it all going.  No need to give up all of the progress we have made to this point.  So, let’s keep working and playing hard and be ready for 2019 to give it our best.  It is a good feeling when we do that

Loving life when I work hard and play hard

A different place

There are some places that we get to go on our THPL journey that seem to be similar to where we spend a lot of our time and then there are some that just feel different.  It could be the terrain, it could be the climate, the people.  Different in this case is the goal.  We learn more when we see things that are not like ours.  We see different ways of living and dealing with challenges.  It is and should be a moving experience and one that we seek out.  As we think about where to go and what to do in 2019 we should consider looking for a different place to visit.  Take four minutes, watch this video - - it is a good example of how different it can feel. The Himalaya are some of the most beautiful places in the world and the people who live there are very special.  It might just inspire a stop on our journey.  Enjoy the journey, it is after all, that we have…..

Loving life when I go to different places

I am going on a …..

The journey, there is some part of it that is what we do and there is some part of it where we go.  And while the what we do might be rather consistent week after week, the where we go can vary considerably.  And in that we get the opportunity to be creative, to dream, to be bold.  It is in this context that we can really engage and be active in our thinking, planning and doing.  We start by saying to ourselves, “I am going on “and then fill it in.  Going on a scavenger hunt, on a visit to the museum, on a trip to Peru, on a weekend trip– the ideas and options are endless.  The process of consideration part of the fun.  The learning from each instance a lasting benefit.  I am going on a …… indeed I am!

Loving life when I am going on a bear hunt…..

The five-minute drill

We start each day of our journey with 24 hours.  Sounds like plenty of time to get a lot done.  So, how about we start thinking about some things that we want to do with our time but heretofore we have not had the time to do it.  What if we decide what it is we want to do – read a book, exercise, spend time meditating, the choice is up to us.  Once we figure out what we want then let’s just commit to five minutes to do it.  A very easy goal to achieve, admittedly, but also a way to start with success. Success that we can build on.  We go from one time at five minutes to more minutes per day to more and more days and before we know it we have established a new habit in an area that we wanted to get it done.  Great progress starts with just five minutes, indeed it does!

Loving life when I am doing my five-minute drill


It is not uncommon, while on our journey that someone will tell us, in response to how we are going at our goals “everything in moderation”.   It is something that is worthy of consideration.  Should we indeed do things in moderation?  What is the rationale for doing less, or doing the “average”?  Seems that it is just not connected to becoming better at something or doing what we love.  Doing more is better in so many instances and it really is a choice for us to make.  Moderation is an option but if we want to be the best we can we cannot stop at moderation, rather we need to go to a level where more is better.  More is better, yes, that is it!  Here’s to having fun with no ceiling or limits to what we want to do.  Yea baby!

Loving life when I am doing more


Good with who we are

This journey that we are on provides us with the opportunity to bring out the best in who we are.  It gives us the structure, the motivation, the community and so much more.  We step into being big…. bigger than we would otherwise be.  This is how it should be.  And yet there are some, maybe even ourselves, who look amazing from the outside, and yet struggle on the inside.  We know not exactly why this apparent contradiction happens, but we have to respect it and work with it not against it.  Our goal is to be good with who we are and let it inform how we live not how we feel or how we perform.  We can rise above, all we have to do is embrace and flow with it.  The good in us rises to the top and it is why we will always do great on our THPL journey.                                                                                                                     

Loving life when I feel good about me  

A big push

Less than 30 days to go in 2018 and what a year it has been.  A quick review will tell us that we have had a great THPL journey with much accomplished and much to be proud of.  And this extends beyond what each of us did individually into how we supported each other to achieve our goals. When we work as a community we perform better.  So, as we finish up the year let’s perform in a strong and purposeful way.  First with a review our 2018 goals and a hard push to get them all done.  Then a reach out to members of our community and see how they did with their goals. Is there something that we can do to help them with their big push?  We can make the offer and then follow through.  So much more gets done with this kind of year end focus for ourselves and our community.  Here’s to a strong finish, which happens when we focus and execute.  A good plan for sure.

Loving life when I focus and execute. 


Encourage each other

We love the THPL journey.  It gives us so much.  We are so thankful for all that we can do and it is so important for us to think about what else it is that we can do or what we can do for each other.  Sometimes all that we need is a bit of support, a bit of encouragement that will keep us going so that we can get to that next level.  It really is a great feeling to both give and get support, especially when the journey gets harder or we don’t know what it is we should be doing.  Our community is principled and the idea of supporting others integral to all that we do.  Let’s make sure we are there to support others as there is nothing better than we can do than that.

Loving life when I encourage others.



Do not stop, do not hesitate, just go.  Seems to be a good mantra on our THPL journey.  Go -- to move, to take action.  It has the right feeling.  When someone tells us Go – we know what to do.  We are instantly propelled forward.  Such a simple word, and such a powerful result.  All we have to do is to feel it in our heart and live it in our lives.  We are made to move, not to be still, so Go is indeed core to who we are.  Ready, set, go…...    

Loving life when I go

The struggle within

It is said, and we grow to believe, that anything is possible on our THPL journey.  It is a mantra that we use to keep us from quitting before we start.  That if we choose to do something, we put in the work, give ourselves enough time, that indeed we will get to the goal that we set for ourselves.  This does work, and it works in almost all of the circumstances that we can imagine.  Yet, as we go down this path it is good for us to embrace our insecurities, to do so even when we are at our best.  It is important to do this because the darkness that can get in our way can be dealt with when we find self-control amidst the hardship that can come during a challenge.  We hear it again and again, even the best grapple with the prospect of failure and what we think about ourselves.  And from there is where the possibilities do open up, we are free to embrace the feeling that is inside us that pushes us forward, that makes us unwilling to quit, that feels on the inside what it looks like on the outside – that we are indeed living our version of the high performance life.  Indeed it does

Loving life when I overcome the struggle


Inspired to act

We know that there are amazing people on their own THPL journey and from each example we can learn and be inspired by the decisions that they make and the actions that they take it.  And today Outdoor clothing company Patagonia inc. took their commitment to be earth friendly to a new level.  Patagonia, has committed the $10 million it saved from federal tax cuts championed by President Donald Trump to nonprofit groups who work on conservation and climate issues, according to a LinkedIn post by Chief Executive Officer Rose Marcario.   The release last week of the fourth U.S. National Climate Assessment gave urgency to the decision and for this we are all beneficiaries.  From this amazing move we should all feel inspired to think about how we can contribute in our own way to saving the planet.  It is after all our responsibility to take care of it and this is a very good time to move in this direction.   

Loving life when I can take care of the planet


Making the best of it

It is not unlikely that while on our THPL journey that things might not always go as expected.  It could be circumstances that we do not control like crazy weather, a canceled meeting, some disappointing news or other conditions that are unexpected.  What we decide to do next is what is defining of our journey.  There were a few ultra-racers whose race was canceled a few weeks ago – they took all of their preparation and training and turned it into an opportunity to set a Fastest Known Time at the Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon.  So, instead of perceived disappointment or failure they had amazing success and results.  The next time any of us have something not go our way let’s think about how we make it into an opportunity and have some fun and great results doing it.       

Loving life when I make the best of circumstances


Giving Tuesday

On our THPL journey, we look forward to days like today - #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.  Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season and encourages us to focus on our holidays and end-of-year giving as well.  There are so many ways of getting involved and one great way is to do our part in our own community, so this should be really simple. Let’s make a point to get out and help and today is the day to take a moment and participate and of course to tell others about #GivingTuesday and how they can make it even more special by participating.

Loving life when I can give to others

PS – if you are looking for a way to get involved here is a way to get a small donation to a charity that you support

If you have twitter (or if you don't, what a time to make one, right?) this is the request:

1. visit Benevity on Twitter

2. retweet the video (it's a nice video about being a good person)

3. @your fav charity. The Greenway Foundation (@gnwyfoundation) is a great option, but really just choose your favorite. maybe a small one that would really feel the $10.

4. Include the hashtag #BeTheGood

 THE END. That's all you have to do to donate $10! Magic, right?


Keep going

When on the journey there are a lot of signals that we get that tell us of our progress, the strain we are under and the progress we are making.  And it is important for us to build up a way of thinking about each of the signals, whether they be positive or negative.  For example, when boredom sets in because we have been working on a project or a goal for a long time, we might think about quitting when we need to be thinking about how to stay the course.  For big hard problems, we need to develop skills that enable us to work strenuously toward challenges, maintaining effort and interest over time despite, adversity, and plateaus.  The key is knowing that we can train ourselves to work through these moments and challenges, we just have to be willing to put in the time that will give us the skills to be adaptive and resilient.  So, lets’ stay the course and keep working it – it is after all what the THPL journey is about.

Loving life when I keep going

Share the love

The holiday season is upon us and with it an opportunity to make the next five weeks even more impactful than would be ordinary for our any of us on our THPL journey.  We carry with us an understanding that we are supposed to take care of others and not just ourselves.  And at this time of year when there is a lot of buying and gifting it is important for us to make sure that we share the love with those who are less fortunate, the ones who might be forgotten, and in truth the people who would most benefit from anything we can give them and share with them.  If we are not sure exactly how to do this then there are a lot of great organizations that facilitate the giving process.   So, let’s make some time to take care of others this holiday season, share the love, whether it be, a hug, a donation, some assistance offered they will all have a positive impact. Here’s to a wonderful holiday season – sharing the love, again and again.

Loving life when I share the love!

Black Friday

It’s hard to think about how Black Friday fits in the THPL journey but then again, we are not here to judge others and we believe strongly that, each of us, should all do the things that fit the way that we want to live.  Life is after all about the choices that we make and the decisions that we take.  So, then it is important to cut through the hype that is ever present, especially on days like Black Friday, and think more about our journey and how we can accomplish our goals, and then ask ourselves, does a day like this one get us closer to our goals, does it fit our needs or of those  who defined this day as important to the stores and shops.  It is worth asking the question… that is for sure.

Loving life when I reconcile the role of Black Friday in my life

A most interesting time

As we pass through the 2018 and we press forward there are different times of the year that have themes that influence us and how our journey shows itself.   We are entering the holiday season, one of those times, that is a fun and exciting time.  It might feel, however, that we cannot avoid the challenges of the holiday season.  And it is at this time that we have to build a plan that will carry us through and helps us stick to the goals and objectives that we set for ourselves.  We can combine our THPL discipline with our passion for enjoying the holidays and create a synergy that makes it all feel good.  No reason to make compromises, let’s just make it work, we know how to do this

Loving life when I build a good plan for the holiday season

Happy Thanksgiving!

There are some days while along on our THPL journey that have special meaning and Thanksgiving is one of them.  It is a day of tradition, of thanks, of family, and caring.  It really is good for us to have days like this that we can count on.  A day that allows us a momentary break from all that is pushing us and pulling us along our journey.  So, let’s appreciate that we have at least one Thanksgiving Day a year.  First and foremost, let’s be thankful, let’s share all that we can and be good to others who are in need and then let’s see if we can carry all of the goodness from today into all of the days that follow.  We are after all the same people – if we can do it right one day, we can do it right on many more days.  Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

Loving life when I can celebrate Thanksgiving and all that it represents

Defending our position

It is possible that along the way on our THPL journey that we will be challenged or questioned about the choices that we make on our journey. It is not that what we are doing is not ok to be doing – it could be that others just do not understand our choices.  It does, after all, require some level of context and connection with our goals and the purpose of the journey.  When we find that there is some question it is best for us to take a moment and describe to those who ask “why” our reasons.  They usually appreciate the explanation and sometimes even want to know more about the journey for themselves.  So, let’s keep an open mind about why we are doing what we are doing and be ready to help others understand – it really is a good way to go about living.  For sure!

Loving life when I get the opportunity to explain THPL

We may never go there…

Yes, for a long as we are on our THPL journey, and for as many places as we can get to, there may be some places that for one reason or another we are unable to get to, regardless of will or intention.  This, however, should not make us lack in curiosity, or interest in those places that don’t make the bucket list.  Antarctica, for sure, is one of them.  It is remote, it is costly, it takes a lot of time and it is really, really cold there.  It is good, though, to get connected to what Antarctica is like, through the camera lens and the storytelling of some amazing climbing videographers.   In just a bit more than a minute, the North Face sponsored team has captured the essence of what it would be like to climb in Antarctica.  And while we will never truly feel what they climbers felt on their 17-day trip it is a good approximation and worth every second of the trailer here…..

Loving life when I am experiencing other lands