Enduring advice

For the longer that we traverse the THPL journey the more it is that we create and experience “truths” that apply to each element of Life, Learning and Fitness.  These “truths” help guide us on our journey and they become not only good for us but also good for others whom we can help.  We know what enduring advice is and we know that when we get it we value it immensely.  So, let’s keep our attention to what is going on so that we can build and share that which will make the journey that we are on the best that it can be.

Loving life when I am getting great advice


Exercise really does matter

It is hard to be on the THPL journey and not find a place in one’s life for exercise.  It is one of the core elements of how we live, and it satisfies so much of what it is we need to live up to our potential.  And yet we know that there are times that it is difficult to fit exercise into our busy lives.  With more and more research showing that exercise is good for so many things, including brain function, it is important to stop and think about how it is that we can add the requisite exercise to our regimen.  Recent studies show that exercise helps with memory function due to growth in the hippocampus (an important part of our brain) as a result of exercise.  So, let’s use this research as yet another reason for making exercise an essential part of how we live.  It really is hard to find something that has as good an effect as exercise so let’s do it and reap the benefits. 

Loving life when I am exercising 

It is what we know

The THPL journey offers us an opportunity to stay focused every day, to work on our mindset, to get comfortable with our life as it unfolds.  It is this level of consciousness that affords us the opportunity to look at life differently.  It is our life and we can bring a positive attitude to it.  There is little reason to be anything but happy with what we have and the challenges that come along with living a THPL life.  After all, it is our expectations that are used to measure our progress, our success, and our happiness.  So, let’s work actively to be the best we can be regardless of our circumstance or outcome.  It is much better this way, we might as well take advantage of it 

Loving life when I am enjoying my THPL life 

Do something intense

We all like to push the envelope, sometimes to greater degrees than at other times.  As we do we find more and more about ourselves, our capabilities and how we react under strain.  So it seems only logical, then, that we would line up things that are more, rather than, less difficult.  And the more that we do, the more intense it gets the more intense the more impact.  We can feel the blood flowing through our veins and our brain exploding with possibility and potential and the harder it gets the more we respond and start to find our limits, or at least feel more alive.  Yes, let’s do something intense and do it more, rather than less frequently.

Loving life when I am doing something intense


First ascent

Evermore it gets harder and harder to be the first at anything that we might take upon our THPL journey.  Seems the world is actually full of a lot of motivated, committed, THPL like people.  And we all know that while doing something the first time is amazing, unique, and inspiring, we all do not have to strive for such a thing to make our journey that much better. Instead, we all just need to think about what it is that pushes us to our limits, that makes us just a bit uncomfortable, that we know will create a special feeling when we are done.  So, let’s look for that big challenge, our “first ascent” and go for it – it will be remarkable for sure! 

Loving life when I am working on my own first ascent


Our right to vote

There are many elements of the THPL journey that we believe are just good hygiene and we as practitioners of THPL embrace and execute on them.  We talk about them frequently, supporting others, volunteering, practicing what we believe, and so much more.  And then there are other very important responsibilities that we have if we are to live this THPL life. One of them is executing on our right to vote.  We know that it is the way that we can influence what goes on around us and allows us to express our opinions.  It would be remiss of us to not use this wonderful right that we have to make the world a better place because all voices are heard and not just a few closest to issues.  Embracing our right to vote just as diligently as we do the rest of our THPL life is of paramount importance and let’s all commit to making it a priority and something we will have on our permanent goal list.  Yes, voting is that important.

Loving life when my voice is heard 



The THPL journey took a detour to Mt Stratton, Vermont, and participated in a unique and new endurance event.  The event is called 29029 and is named as such because over a two-day period participants “climb” up a mountain enough times to accumulate 29,029 feet of elevation gain.  At Stratton this translated to 17 times up the mountain.  A very different kind of challenge, the same course over and over, the conditions changing as the weather took over and the trail (which went straight up the mountain) got worn down by the 200 participants.  Every time we do something like this we ask, why?  What is it that draws us to something that takes 20+ hours and a lot of strain and discomfort.  And we often find the same answer.  We do them because they are hard, and they provide us the opportunity to test ourselves against the self-doubts that we have, to see how our physical being responds to strain, and to see if we can manage the stress that invariably comes from all of the unknowns and the ups and downs of hard endurance events.  For sure 29029 delivered.  The snow and rain, the mud, the 17 laps, the wicked steep uphill, a fantastic staff, and the opportunity to do hard stuff was indeed delivered. 

Loving life when doing the hard stuff


Live like you mean it

Once upon a time, we all had that moment when we embraced what we were doing in a big way.  We were passionate about it, we did it over and over again, we were obsessed of sorts.  And we got better at it and it defined much of who we were.  Then life got in the way and we got off our path and we embraced other parts of life.  Then time goes on, the THPL journey kicks in and we have the opportunity to get back at life with that same passion, that same fervor, that same intensity.  It is our opportunity to live like we really mean it.  And it is for us to decide what this is all about, to make it mean something, to embrace that which we do not know and make the most of the unknown.   Yes, we can live like we mean it, it is up to us, now let’s figure out how we want to make it happen.

Loving life ….always

The big goal for 2019

We know that 2019 is still months away and there could be no better time than now to start thinking, minimally, about our big goals for 2019 and what we want to accomplish.  We can then use the time to get our approach in place, the skills or practice we will need and any special support that we might need in place to watch over us on our great big adventure.  This time is valuable as it also a good time to engage with the key people who will be there for us throughout the process.  Here’s to getting ourselves ready for a big 2019, there is nothing in our way!  

Loving life when I am getting ready for 2019


We who climb higher

We all know that there are certain “truths” that underlie the THPL journey and we work on being good at living them every day.  One of these “truths” is that we who climb higher do so when we help others.  It is intuitive, and it is actionable and under our control.  And yet it is good to remind ourselves that the biggest reward comes from using our experience, our resources, our time to do things for others.  We can do it often or infrequently – what really matters is that we do it and we encourage others to do this as well.  Often, we will just do this unprompted, but it also can be when we are asked to help out – we just have to say yes, make it easy for someone to ask.  Know that our return on time comes from helping others.  It is a true blessing that we are granted on our THPL journey.

Loving life when I am helping others


We have to care

On Sunday night the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued an urgent report on the state of global warming. The laws of the physical universe say that we can keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels but we’re quickly running out of time. As in, we may reach that 1.5 in as little as a dozen years at the rate we’re spewing emissions. And the consequences will be disastrous.  To correct course, we’ll need to cut emissions by half before 2030, and go carbon-neutral by 2050, the report says. That gives us three decades to transform our energy production, adopt renewable energy, and leverage carbon capture techniques. We’ll have to change our behavior as individuals, too as this is an issue for all of us to solve. 

There are signs that what we do makes a difference.  For example, deploying technologies like electric cars on massive scales can help and when we consider that in 2016 alone, Los Angeles cut its emissions by 11 percent, the equivalent of yanking 700,000 cars off the road we can make an impact by paying serious attention to this global issue.  On our journey we can all make a difference with the choices that we make, and we cannot leave this to “others” to take care of it.  Let’s all put an effort into this topic and learn what we need to do to make an impact. By so doing we can keep this beautiful world around for centuries to come.  After all we are the ones who got us into this situation thus we have to find a way out of it.  

Loving life when I am working on hard problems

make an investment

We rarely talk about the investments we make on our THPL journey.  And in most contexts “investments” equate to the hard dollars that we would use to buy or allocate resources to something we are interested in and we would get a return from that investment.  It does not work the same on our journey, that is, the investments that we make are things like, focus, determination, effort, practice, attitude, and so much more.  They cost us nothing in the traditional sense of the word but they do require the same kind of commitment that we would make with any investment.  We have to take care as to how we make these investments, we have to understand how to use our resources and we have to measure our success when we do so. The key for us is to know that the ability to invest in our THPL journey comes from us, intrinsically, and it is there, at all times for us to use and to benefit from.  Let’s make sure that we do indeed invest in our journey in big ways and when we do we will get big results.

Loving life when I am investing in my journey



Skyline to the sea

The ultra-marathon distance any race that is longer than that of a traditional marathon which is 26.2 miles or 42 kilometers.  And often an ultra-marathon is “off-road” aka a trail race and this brings with it another level of challenge. So Ultra = longer and more difficult – now that sounds just perfect. - LOL.  Today I completed the Skyline to the Sea 50k.  A race that stars up in the mountains of Northern California and finds its way to the Pacific Coast Highway and a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.  Running amongst the redwoods is breathtaking and while the race course was challenging with plenty of ups and downs it was worth every bit of effort that it took to get to the finish line. It never ceases to amaze me how much of a mental game these long races are.  It is truly an acquired skill to be able to push through the lows and remember that there is always another side to the lows.  And today played out just as these kinds of races do.  All elements were there today and it is worth every rock, root, and sore muscle when we get our commemorative medal and finisher tee shirt at the finish line.   

Loving life when I am running



Go for a run

This year at least 64 million people will get out for a run.  It is quite the number and it is very exciting to think of the promise that all of these people running represents.  And it is easy to imagine that there are many different reasons that people get out a run.   Each person with their own story getting out for a run, it could be training for a big race, hitting the trail to clear one’s mind, enjoying the fresh air, listening to a podcast or just having the opportunity to get out with a good friend for a chat.  There is only goodness that comes from a run, physical, mental, spiritual and a platform from which we can do so much more.  So, let’s get out for a run (walk or hike) and start using our own locomotion to our benefit.                                                                            

Loving life when I am running 


Slow down just enough

We know that the nature of the journey is that over time we get better at what we are doing and as a result, we speed up, we keep moving and we stay focused on our goal. It is rather satisfying, and we get better and better at it. And as we do this we start to miss some of the things around us, the people who need help, the beauty of our surroundings, even the cracks in the sidewalk.  So maybe what we need to do is to slow down just enough to be able to observe, engage and contribute.  If indeed we slow down a bit we could make sure that we can go along with others on the journey, it would give us time to learn, and to observe and do whatever it is that we so choose.  Next time we go fast, this time we slow down so it is just right.    

Loving life when I am slowing down a bit



Try something new

We love doing what we are a good at, we love being familiar with where are going, we love being around people we know.  Having familiarity with where we are and what we know just makes life that much easier.  Less energy spent, more efficient, more effective.  And so how long will we be satisfied with that which we know and feel comfortable with?  Seems that on the THPL journey that this does not last forever.  We start to get antsy when we get it nailed, have it working, and know what we are doing.  We start at these moments looking for new ways to live and experience life.  We start to explore, investigate, try something new.  For it is in the search for something different and new that we amp up our system and make us feel better.  Learning is good for us.  New is good for us.  Let’s go after it with energy and enthusiasm and be happy with being different and better all the time.

Loving life when I try something new



Give it away

It is not surprising that for those of us who spend a lot of our time on the THPL journey that we amass a lot along the way. It can be gear, possessions, knowledge, experiences and so much more. It is truly of benefit to us to hit this stage along the journey. And not because we need to have this much of anything. Rather it is because it is at the point when we have enough that we realize the magic of the THPL journey is upon us.  We can now use what we have amassed, on every level, to give what we have to others.  We can start to enable others with our knowledge, experiences, our stuff.  We put in the effort and we got a big return and now we can do the same for others.  It is powerful and ultimately rewarding when we can give it away. The smile that we receive in return is not to be beat.  It is after all the reason that we spend so much time on the journey….give it away indeed….   

Loving life when I give it away



In the way

As we make progress on our journey we start to build up momentum and we can feel a positive energy that comes from our progress.  The feeling is infectious and we keep at it to maintain that which we need for our journey.  And then it happens, something gets in the way, some obstacle that we were not expecting.  For a moment we are destabilized, and we have to assess the situation.  It is at this moment that our THPL skills kick in.  We intuitively know that there is always a way around the “obstacle” and we start to find a way around it.  With an understanding of what is going on and what is it the way, we can start to use the resources that we have access to and the learnings that we (or others in our community) had along the.  Getting good at getting around or over obstacles is a critical skill and something that will pay dividends throughout our journey.  Getting stuck is not an option and we benefit when we are prepared and practiced for when the proverbial speed bump or pothole gets in the way.  No stopping us, that is for sure!

Loving life when I get around what is in the way

It’s time to defend

We all know and have commented from time to time, that THPL is not about politics.  And at the same time, from time to time, it is important for us to reflect on what we hold true in our THPL community and on our journey.  They are simple values and beliefs.  They start with Respect for everyone and everyone. There is nothing more powerful that respecting each other for who we are and how we are similar and different.  We all share the planet, our country, our community and thus we need to protect the common good, sustainability, prosperity and service to each other.  When any of our values are attacked we have to defend and do so vigorously.  With a healthy and defined approach, we can turn our defense (of values and respect) into a way of living that is good for everyone, each of us included.  We can make a difference, let’s defend the crazy beautiful life that we know we can have.  It is the right thing to do and then some.

Loving life when I defend Respect for everyone.



A burning desire

It could be said that those of us who live the THPL life and do it diligently have a burning desire to find out something about ourselves.  That we put ourselves through a different cadence, a different set of challenges, that harder is better and less is the enemy of more and we do it for the reason of finding out that which does not show itself in the normal rhythm of life.  And yet, this level of intensity is not for everyone.  The alternative is to moderate our overall approach and do things at a level that is appropriate for what we think matters to us individually.  We can vary the intensity that we bring to the totality of what we do and have a burning desire to be better, to go to the next level, to be different inside ourselves and in what we do.  No matter the “flavor” of THPL we know that there will always be some kind of burning desire to do something bigger no matter how far we choose to take the journey.

Loving life when I can feel that burning desire