The big day

The big day(s), they come, and they go.  Yea, we know them, sometimes it is a big race, sometimes a test, a presentation, performance, it could be anything that is the culmination of a lot of thought, preparation, contemplation and execution.  We live for these days, they are the test of what we are made of.  And when we do “it” right they are defining and exhilarating.  The journey is made up of many of these days and we know how necessary they are.  So, here’s to seeking out the big day and delivering on it so that we can do it again and again.  It does not get any better than that! 

Loving life on the big days!



It is worth the effort

What is about the journey.  So many steps to get ready and yet so much fun doing so.  A list, then finding, packing, then add some more to the list then more packing and so on till we are ready to go.  The effort worth every minute when we finally hit the road.  A car, a camper, plane, train, bus, bike, hike – the mode does not matter nor does the time it takes to get there.  Because it is the moment when we show up when it is all worthwhile.  Yes, let’s make the effort, let’s get ourselves to places and let’s have fun before during and after.  And for the fun of it let’s check out this video so that we can get in the mood to go on our next journey

Loving life when I am getting ready



To the end

We all know that there really is no end to the journey, only milestones, landmarks, accomplishments, stopovers….and we know that each of these moments are an integral and important part of the journey.  It helps us to assess, learn, recover, reset and get ready for the next time through.  And while there is no end there are finish lines that we will commit to, goals that we will set, destinations to visit and it is in these commitments that we need to make sure that our commitment is sincere and well-conceived and that when we sign up that we take seriously the implications associated with what it is we are setting out to do.  Because it is in these moments that we define who we are and what we are made of.  We make our journey self-fulfilling by committing and following through till the end and that is what will make us different and will allow us to experience more and feel different for so doing.  Here’s to getting to the end, even when it is in the middle of the journey.

Loving life when I get to the end again and again



role modeling

 For as long as we pass along the THPL journey we know and understand that much of who we become relates in good part to those with whom we have spent a lot of time.  We are all very good at copying and imitating, so it is easy to see how we can be influenced.  We see something and then we copy it - it is often how we learn.  So, if we learn this way, it would seem only likely that we should think about how we affect others with our behavior and how they will learn by watching what we do.  Sometimes it will be purposeful and other times passive so let’s make sure we do it right as much as we can, it really does matter.  And when we have the chance we can do like the Dad on his Instagram feed – teaching them early – what a fun and exciting thing to do.

Loving life when I can be a role model 



Reaching out

We know that one of the real benefits of the THPL journey are the great people who we get to meet along the way. They could be people who we spend a lot of time with or just someone we meet for a fleeting moment.  The vibrancy of the THPL journey sort of ensures that regardless of the amount of time spent with each other there is always some kind of last memory that we have from our encounters.  It really is the nature of the connection that we feel between us that makes this happen.  And we carry it with us for a lifetime which is why we should make an effort to reach out from time to time to the people we met along the journey to say hi, to say just thinking about you, to say can you give me a hand…..Getting to know such amazing people is truly a gift that we have been given and a gift that we can give back by just reaching out and connecting.  It will feel great for all parties involved. 

Loving life when I reach out to others from a long time ago

Free solo

After two and a half years, the Free Solo movie trailer is out.  You can check it out and it is breathtaking, to say the least.  For many of us who have traveled our own version of THPL, we have to look at what Alex Honnold accomplished on El Capitan as a truly extraordinary example of what is possible when we push towards the true limits of our human potential.  And in watching the trailer over and over in anticipation of the movie release in late September it is clear that the spirit of free climbing comes through in a very deep and engaging way and it makes me want to see the movie as soon as possible so as to lay witness, albeit it a few years later on this amazing accomplishment.

Loving life when I get to feel the power of the free solo



When we get busy

It is easy to imagine and even easier to experience that while on our journey we can take on more than we might have the time to accommodate with all that we want to get done.  And so for a while we might think that it is ok to have too much to do that we can arbitrage our way through this circumstance.  There are sometimes when this will work, when we can just find a path to the outcome, but truth be told, “fire drills” when used to bail us out of a situation, will eventually fall by the wayside.  What we need to do is to rethink what we have put on our “plate” to get done now or next week and figure a way to get it done.  We can get there with the 168-hour framework and/or use it to guide us so that we find an alternative path, one that is more purposeful and thoughtful and great to follow

Loving life when I move beyond being busy


A memorable moment

For many of us, we like our THPL journey so much so that we are effectively not capable of choosing another way of living.  Even though it is true that we have the freedom and flexibility to live however we want, once we put ourselves on a pathway where we can improve our lives, help others, be challenged, and so much more it is hard to see other alternatives.  The intrigue then is how did we get here, why are we so committed, so dedicated, so believing in this way of life.  As far as any of us can tell it comes down to a memorable moment, a time when it all came together, when all of our choices and practices gave us that feeling of personal fulfillment when it all is worth it, and our choices start to make some sense.  So, let’s encourage others to get on their journey so they can find what we have and be fulfilled well beyond what they thought possible.  And as for us, let’s keep it going because it really is an awesome place to be.

Loving life when I can create that memorable moment  


Summertime fun

It feels like the best time of the year for our THPL journey is the summertime.  We tend to spend more time outside, more time with friends, we generally just do more, and we do things that remind ourselves of summertime activities and the great times that we had along the way.  So, how about we focus on bringing back that great feeling by doing more this summer.  We can eat in the outdoors, we can sleep under the stars, go for a big walk or hike, and the list goes on.  Here’s to making the most out of summer. 

Loving life when I am enjoying summertime


What matters

We love the journey, it is what we live for.  The challenge, the unknown, the opportunity to learn and to try.  What is not to love.  We get to create a path of our choosing that can fit to the way that we want to live and the improvements that we want to build into our journey.  And as we go along we start to realize what matters and what does not.  We get more and more comfortable making our choices, not just doing things because others want us to or because there is something that we are trying to prove.  We can have our own style, we can be different, independent, fit in, just do what feels right and it can feel right for now and that can change over time.  It is freeing, for sure, to learn this lesson and to make it central to how we bring our THPL journey to life

Loving life when I do what matters to me


Getting close to the sun

It is interesting to note and think about a soon to be launched mission by Nasa to send a probe (the Parker solar probe) to the closet distance, to the sun, to date that we have ever attempted.  In so doing we will learn so much more about the Sun, what it is made of, its unique properties and so much more.  And maybe it is from this expedition that we can rethink the urban myth that when we get to close to the sun we burn up and die.  In our lives, the sun is not a star but rather an opportunity, a person, a leader an experience, each of which can have the seeming attributes of a powerful force like the sun that can, if we get to close, indiscriminately cause harm to us.  But as we learn more about the Parker probe we find out that we can prepare a satellite to get closer than ever imagined to the sun and still operate because the materials and design allow for this. In our lives we can do the same thing, we can get ourselves ready for the intensity, the power, the energy that the "sun" (our version of the sun) have.  Once we do this we can overcome and operate with and around even the most powerful of instances (people) and this is just good to for us and the way for us to think about opportunity and intensity in life – it is always there for us to take – even if it looks hotter than….

Loving life when I in am close to the sun


An amazing resource

We who take our THPL journey far and wide, at some point, have crossed the resource we know at the National Park System.  A system created in 1916, it has become a mainstay of so much of what we can experience in the outdoors, in nature, in special places.  Each and every one of the parks important enough to save and protect and to make them available for all to experience and enjoy.  They are a destination location and they are inspiring and worthy of putting them on our bucket list.  The story is being told in a video that is bringing focus to the need to take care of the parks and to invest in them, so they will be around for years to come.  An inspiring story for sure.  See you in a park sometime soon….

Loving life when I in a national park


When the hill looks too steep

It is likely that if we take the journey that is THPL that it will require, at some time, that we have to tackle something hard.  Something that seems a bit out of reach, that we don’t know how to tackle, that might even be considered reckless.  But we know that we cannot stop, that we have to find a way, that we have to dig deep to figure a way to the top even if the hill looks too steep.  There are alternative ways to go there, we can reach out to others for help, we can push through the challenge – we can do all of them and more.  For this is what we know, once we commit, we have made it most of the way to the top.  We have the potential, we just have to believe in ourselves and the process and then give it one more hard push.   Yes indeed, that hill is starting to look a bit less steep…..

Loving life when I take on a big hill


Let’s not do that

Take enough time on the THPL journey and we can see all sorts of things that we know are just not the right way to do something.  We become quite good critics, not because we are critical, but rather because we have enough experience to know just by witnessing example after example what the best ways to perform are. And so we need to leverage this opportunity to see what not to do and then to avoid that in our lives.  Yes, the most important thing to do is to act on the things that get in the way of success.  Every time we avoid a mistake we get better, every time we don’t get negative, and every time we stay away from a trap we increase our opportunity to do great things.  It is in this reversal of thinking that big things are opened up for us – so let’s not do that… just won’t help…..

Loving life when I avoid mistakes


Having a voice

When we think about our THPL journey we need to remind ourselves from time to time we have an obligation to raise our voice when we find something, along the way, that is just not right and needs to be fixed.  And it is exciting to see when this responsibility is carried forward by our community members in ways that are to be noticed, respected and supported.  A group of 21 children and adults have done just that with a lawsuit that asserts that the government has long known that carbon pollution causes climate change and they have failed to curb greenhouse gas emissions and they want some form of remediation.  They assert a constitutional right to a "climate system" capable of sustaining human life. And with a path that has led them to the Supreme Court we are reminded that indeed we have a voice and we will be heard, we just have to work in the system and stay resolved to get an answer and a satisfactory one at that.  So, maybe it is time for us to find the next cause and raise our voice and make sure that someone is listening because when they do things happen. 

Loving life when our voice is loud


Reaching for the sky

As we traverse our THPL journey and try to break through and get the proper amount of attention and “sunlight” we realize that it does take a bit of time to make that happen.  Patience, a plan, some effort and a willingness to endure are the necessary elements that allow us to continue to grow and develop.   Just like the bean, (see the link to time-lapse video) reaching for the sky requires that we put down strong roots in coordination with pushing up through the soil and getting any obstacles that are in our path out of the way.  It is an apt metaphor for each of us as we think about our own individual growth plans.  Set the roots, push through the obstacles, and reach for the sky.  It is a beautiful scene that gets played out every day as each of us make the most of our THPL life…

Loving life when I am reaching for the sky


Just incredible

Every day we pass along the THPL journey we have access to stories of incredible achievement.  It just takes a little effort to find examples and learn from them.  Some are more inspiring than others, some are more instructive, and others are informative. We can take so much from each story if we put in a bit of effort.  What did we see that was different, what can we learn, how does it make us feel? Yesterday, for example, the winner of the Tour de France in his acceptance speech told everyone to dream big, that as a kid he just wanted to be a cyclist, that the Tour, for him, was an impossible dream and then he years later he wins the race.  And for sure while the win was amazing, it was his journey to get there, that was the real win.  What will be our big win……it will be fun to find out, that is for sure

Loving life when I see an incredible win



We all have ways of making Sunday special. It could be traditions, practices, routines and they can include anything from a brunch to a long run, to the Sunday crossword puzzle. It is, after all, the day that has always been considered the rest day, the day of the week when we make choices that are a bit different from the rest of the week.  And what could be more special than a pancake breakfast?  A special recipe, some real maple syrup, and a homey feeling that just makes the moment meaningful especially when sharing with others.  So, on this THPL journey let’s indeed take a few moments to make Sunday special and just a bit more than it would be otherwise.  Pancakes anyone?

Loving life when I am eating pancakes


Fear…what fear...

It would seem likely that as we take on more and more challenges and push our limits and what we are comfortable doing on our journey that fear can creep in and can get in the way of accomplishing what we set out to do.  And for the most part, while we know that fear is irrational, it is something that we have to work to overcome.  So, what to do?  How do we get beyond what is just in our head?  And when we find ourselves to the other side what is it that is different?  There are many ways to address fears but the simplest is to do what we are afraid of with others in our community who have the knowledge and the experience to guide us through the tough moments and who are there to support us when uncertainty sets in, when we have questions they are there to help and when we need a nudge they are there to bring us to the place we want to be.  Yes, fear can be overcome when we engage our community and allow them to help us.  It is not that hard, just a bit of good intention, caring, support and confidence and we can get beyond that word fear and enjoy what we want to do.  So, let’s go big or go home, we have found the cure, and it is all around us. 

Loving life when I overcome my fears


Don’t leave home without it

To make it through our THPL journey there are many things that we need. Yes, they start with attitude and commitment, with plans and practice and so much more.  It will be up to us, then, to understand what it is that we need to do to keep moving on our journey and how to do it better and better.  Of course, there is the gear and the equipment list and then the supplies and materials.  And over time, as we get better and more skilled we will refine our list of favorite things to bring with us.  As we think about what it is we need we must turn it into the list of what we cannot leave home without.  Have it at the ready, always there, packed for that impromptu opportunity.  Ready to go for sure!

Loving life when I have the right stuff for my journey