National Dessert Day

Discipline, yes, it is one of the pillars of THPL.  But there comes a time when we need to be bold and think about expanding our horizons, try something different, live a bit more.  And so it is that I suggest that THPL is even better with fabulous treats and special foods.  We work hard to do the “right thing” and along the way we run the risk of losing track of the idea that life is to be enjoyed on many levels, yes, we talk about them – Life, Learning and Fitness; and in life we need to enjoy all of the dimensions of food and nourishment. 

Often our food consumption is very purposeful – it meets a nutritional need – and this is foundational to our ability to drive to high performance and then there is the enjoyment of food for the taste and experience of life and fun.  Enter National Dessert Day today. For just one day, forget about the calories and high fat content in many desserts and enjoy, just enjoy it.   It's easy to enjoy National Dessert Day. You can make your own desserts, buy them at the store, or go out to a restaurant and enjoy a dessert, or even two. Maybe you should even share a dessert with family or friends. It's even more fun that way.  Then, tomorrow you can go back to your thoughtful and purposeful way to eat. 

Loving life dessert in hand