The quality of thought

 Every day that we continue along the THPL journey we will have challenges to overcome.  It is the nature of the quest for fulfillment and high performance.  We stretch and push ourselves to achieve more, and the way that we react, is a big part of how far we can go, how much more we can do, and how we feel about it.  The interesting part is that if we bring a high quality of thought to the planning, the process, and the execution we will, for certain have a better outcome. 

 Alas, there are times when we do not put the effort into the thinking process – we are casual and incomplete and we still move forward.  We move forward with a flaw in our approach and it is of our doing.  The flaw is not bringing the best quality thinking to the process.  And since there are few other, less “expensive” ways to improve our performance it is important for us to bring the best quality of thought to our activities.  We cannot compromise on this approach and we cannot settle for less that we can do with just the power of our own thought.  Give it your best, never give in and always bring the best quality of thought that you can – you will be way happier and more satisfied as a result. 

Loving life with the highest quality of thought