For as long as I have been on the THPL journey I have signed off the blog with the Italian word “ciao”.  Curious for sure why I might use an Italian word in the salutation of the blog and it is possible that one might think that since I grew up in an Italian family it was my exposure to the language that was the catalyst for such a salutation.  In fact, it was not the result of any language skills rather it comes from the words meaning and how it is used.  Ciao, loosely means – “hello and goodbye”, “see you later and hi” a word that is used for greetings both coming and going.  A feeling that I will see you soon – that I am still connected to you – it is a polite and casual greeting, one that allows us to acknowledge each other as we pass along in life, it just makes us feel good and kicks in serotonin, a key neurotransmitter, that keeps our mood positive and well adjusted.  It could be that subtleties like language and connections between and among people really are important and for the basis for good relationships and a good journey.  So, next time you see someone just say “ciao” and hope that they say it back to you – a warmer greeting might be hard to find on our journey.

Loving life when I hear someone say Ciao