It is hard to think about taking a journey and not consider the preparation required to make sure that it goes as well as possible.  And this preparation thing, as we dig a bit deeper, is about long term and short term, about micro and macro, big and little.  To do preparation right we have to make it not only a life’s mission we need to think about the specifics that matter to a moment that occurs, or could occur while on the journey.  Some of what we do in preparation never gets used but it is always there in case we need it (eg. First aid).  The question then to wrestle a bit with is – are the journey and preparation the same, complimentary, dependent – sure, they are defined differently but it begs the question how might one ever go on a journey and not be prepared, and get even more prepared for what might lay ahead as we traverse the journey.  Bottom line is that preparation is the foundation and necessary and the reason we will achieve our potential as we traverse the journey that we call THPL.  Let’s fall in love with preparation and get the most out of our time here – there is no reason not to….

Loving life when I am preparing