Friday the 13th

A day is a day on the THPL journey, well maybe.  We do have holidays and other days to commemorate.  And at the same time, we need to keep to our plan, our routine, our goals, and our way of living.  Yet, there are still some days that are different than others.  Friday the 13th is a fun one to think about.  For some people, some cultures, it is an unlucky day, a day of superstition, a day when we can allow ourselves to think that bad things happen just because it is Friday the 13th.  And if this is what someone believes then so be it – for the THPL community though, we realize that it is up to us how we want to think about life, how we live, and how we feel about every day.  There are indeed no unlucky days, just a matter of perspective. We can make every day great if we want – it is just up to us to think about the day the way that we want to.  This is not to say that traditions and cultures do not matter – they do as they are part of the social fabric of our lives, the key point, though, is that we get to choose how we think about our days, and how we want to feel about them – even if they are called Friday the 13th.

Loving life especially on days like Friday the 13th