A good reminder


Our THPL journey gets us to be quite good at what we do – some of us even become experts as we learn the finer points of our craft.  And so it could be that as we traverse the journey and we see others doing that which we are expert in that we can become a bit critical of others and their methods, approaches, teqhniques, and practices.  That is all well and good but what we need to avoid is being too direct, and too critical of people who are at different stages of their own development.  We can all be critical – that is easy – what is harder (even though it should not be) is to be supportive and complimentary to offer ideas and experiences all with the hope that the recipient will see these as things they should take to heart and try.  The negative approach rarely works – we know we don’t like it – so let’s not do that to others.  It is time to start with – wow that was great – awesome job – looks like you have improved and so on.  We can decide the language for how to improve so that it will land well and will set up the person to do better and to do great things.

Loving life when I am offering compliments to others