Your next adventure


During the time that we are on the THPL journey, we will divert from the “norm” and head out on an adventure.  The choice is up to us and more likely than not will include some travel, a bit of the unknown, and some uncertainty that the outcome that we envisioned would be just that way.   And before long the adventure will be over and a void will be created.  This is ok for a bit of time but the adventure bug will bite and we will need to start to plan the next one.  There is curiosity and anticipation that occurs and it feels good just to think about it.  With the aperture wide open and the possibilities endless, we can have fun with the process of deciding almost as much as the adventure itself.  So, lest we get ourselves stuck in place we need to keep the process alive and our spirits high and our mind focused on finding that next adventure.  It will be rewarding no matter what we pick and when we go.  That is what adventure is all about.

Loving life when I am planning my next adventure