What are you reading


We all know that as isolated as we can sometimes get on our THPL journey there is a big shift happening around us in terms of how we consume information.  The video channel is growing epidemically and its use is becoming more and more every day.  Yet, there seems to be a void if all we do is consume content in this form.  Printed, curated and published content is still highly relevant, useful and effective when we want to learn something, be informed, or just entertained.  And so our challenge is to figure out how to incorporate reading into our journey.  We stand to gain so much from the effort that the writer put in and we can certainly learn from the thoughts, stories, insights, ideas, and results that others have published.  We can find great things to read when we reach out into our “cohort” to ask what do they recommend.  And with this “info” we are ready to dive into a few books and blogs and make them part of our journey and how we learn and grow.                               

Loving life when I am reading a book and then some