The trailer


Sometimes along our THPL journey, it is more likely than not that we watched a movie trailer that got us all jazzed up about a movie yet to be released.  In a short 1-2 minute video we can get immersed in the script, feel the energy of the story, know the characters and walk away wanting to see more and go a level deeper.  When done right the trailer is captivating and motiving.  And so, we should take the same approach with our THPL journey – we should spend time to write our own trailer, to create the script for our life, a compelling storyline that will keep us engaged and excited about what is next.  Think of the power of having a trailer, that we write and create, for our own lives.  Something that we can watch and use as motivation for when we have strayed a bit from our THPL script.  That trailer should work every time and be our catalyst for life action.  Indeed it is…...

Loving life when I am watching my trailer