Stay close


There is something to be said for the different ways to go about our travels on our THPL journey.  We can find our way by ourself, we can be part of a group, we can be in front or behind, there are many variations.   And from each position, we stand to benefit, in different ways, from what it is that is around us.  Sometimes we do better when we are on our own and other times it is important to be in a group.  But much more than anything it is good to have a combination we should have our own path, be independent, figure it out on our own but never get too far away from others who are on the journey as well.  We can learn from watching, be motivated by their progress and be ready to jump ahead when appropriate.  Bottom line is that we will always be better when we are aware and connected and moving forward at the same time.

Loving life when I am close and then some….