It’s not surprising


There is a saying that it is always darkest before the dawn. And for sure we have all felt this while on our THPL journey. The moments when the finish line is further away than desired when the difficulty level increases and our will is challenged and challenged again. And yet somewhere inside of us lies a belief that success, of some sort, lies just over the hilltop, or around the corner or in a short time frame. Yet this feeling sometimes not strong enough to surface and we question and we question. And then it happens, the sun rises, the mountaintop is reached and the feeling of accomplishment real. And in so doing our doubt turns to delight and we smile broadly and we just feel great. Reflecting on this pattern we are presented with a challenge - if indeed this pattern repeats itself often enough and the sun does rise every time, then, we should take this knowledge and experience and use it in our favor. We can be emboldened and confident that the sun does rise every time and we should throw doubt out the window. And feel good about what is ahead no matter how hard it gets or dark it feels. 

Loving life when I see the sunrise