Kites rise against the wind not with it


Sir Winston Churchill stated that kites rise against the wind, not with it.   And he was telling us that which we know from being on our THPL journey.  There are times in life when we feel like everything is a struggle.   No matter what direction we face, we seem to have a headwind.  And yet it is in these moments when we realize that the struggle is what makes us stronger.   We do not get stronger from times of peace or complacency.  We get stronger and better when we have to push harder against the winds it builds our strength and resiliency.  And we must stay true to our mission, and not allow those “winds” to get us distracted or off our game.  Our most effective move is not the first one, it is the last one. And our push forward with certainty and real effort is what will make the difference now and as we move forward on our journey, the wind notwithstanding.

Loving life when I fight the wind