The next 24 hours


It seems as we go along on the THPL journey that we can, from time to time, not get everything done that we want to get done.  It could be for one of many reasons and it is easy to understand and accept such an outcome.  But should we accept it?  Is it ok to let a busy life be the reason for not doing that which we want?  Maybe what we can do is adopt an approach that can help us.  What if we gave ourselves 24 hours to get it done.  What if we did not let time be wasted until we accomplish the goal. It is a reasonable amount of time and it is also within reach.  We can use this kind of time-based technique to help us breakthrough and get done what we really want to do.  So, let’s set a goal of 24 hours and see what we can get done.  It will be worth striving for.  The result will be worth it when we get more done than we might otherwise have completed.

Loving life when I get it done in the next 24 hours