Is it really dangerous?


It is quite likely that while on our THPL journey that someone will tell us not to do something because it is too dangerous.  We know that the essence of the THPL journey is to take on big challenges, to try new activities, to go faster, harder, more.  And so it is likely that someone would classify what we do as “dangerous”.  We know, though, that their classification is most likely due to a lack of knowledge about the “real” versus “perceived” risks of the activity.   Thus, what we need to do is to listen to their concern, consider it, and then determine if our own assessment is “centered” between dangerous and acceptable.  Our experience tells us that dangerous is usually a perception – not as much a reality.  So, the input is duly appreciated and we really do like it; that notwithstanding, we think dangerous is both less real and to be worked around, not avoided.  

Loving life when I am doing “dangerous things”