Our secret weapon


We go along the journey and we learn from doing, we learn from our mistakes, and from all that is around us.  And when we can find someone who knows a lot about what we are setting out to do…or are in the middle of doing it then it is oh so much better.  There is nothing like that “inside info”, or the advice that comes from experience, or the referral to another “expert”.  There is only goodness that comes from these kinds of interactions and encounters.  What are we to do, though, when we do not have access to an expert?  Are we to just leave it at?  No…. that would not be advisable and since the access to experts is so much easier than ever we need to bake it into our approach for how we learn, how we get better and how we become part of the community.  And one of the great resources to use for this is YouTube.  It seems that if we are to take time to do anything we should look for YouTube videos about the subject, the location, the people.  There is just so much really good content to consume that it would be silly not to use YouTube as a daily resource.  We now have democratized access to experts – we have a secret weapon – we have to use it and when we do many good things will happen.                                     

Loving life when I leverage my secret weapon