Be careful of our impact


When we go on a journey it is easy to see that just the act of being on the journey can have an impact on all that is around us.  It can take forms intended and not intended.   What is really important is to monitor our impact.  To make sure that we are not creating any sort of lasting damage, especially if it extends beyond our own personal space and situation.  A good and interesting example is coming to the fore in the UK where they are banning the use of a pesticide that has been determined to be contaminating the whole landscape and causing serious damage to bee colonies.  And while it seems obvious to do something that has such a big impact we must stay on alert for other similarly impactful, but not so visible, issues.  It is up to us to protect our planet – let’s stay vigilant and caring and good things will come of it.

Loving life when we are taking care of the planet