The standard


We take the challenge while on our THPL journey to push ourselves, to achieve more, to set personal bests.  It is one of the ways that we stay focused – just the sheer nature of pushing beyond our current best performance keeps us on track and focused.  And maybe though, while it feels like we are pushing ourselves hard, we are not getting to the next level.  Maybe to get there we need to look for the standards that others are setting.  It is likely that we will find other people who have taken it to another level.  Once we see that there is more that we can do, further that we can go, we will start to think about how to make changes in what we are doing to get there.  It is amazing to see what happens with a little bit of outside induced motivation.  Here’s to finding that new level no matter how we get there.

Loving life when I am pushing to the next level