To observe


When we go on our THPL journey we experience a lot, we feel a lot, and we see a lot.  And in each of these moments the opportunity to learn.  It comes by making observation into an active process.  One where we take the time and the care to be active and curious and engaged when we observe.  Take a bit of time to just sit and watch and it can become a learning experience if we want it to be.  We can see patterns form, observe unique behaviors, be captivated by unexpected situations and draw insight or inference from what we see.  It takes a bit of effort to get good at observation as there is much below the surface.  We need to be patient and not disruptive so that we can get best results – the less we interfere with what we are watching the better.  To get the most out of observation we have to make it important, we have to practice, and we need to do it frequently.  The benefits we will get from doing this will far exceed the time we put into it.   

Loving life when I am observing what is going on around me