It sometimes takes longer


It would be for many of us, who are on the THPL journey, that we could say that patience is not our strong suit.  We like to move quickly, we like to do a lot, and we want our performance to improve.  And we know that to get there we need to follow our Dream it, Plan it, Practice it, Do it approach.  The key is to understand that the practice just takes time.  We cannot rush our development, the body and the mind need time to grow and adapt.  We need to push hard, of course we do, but pushing hard does not shorten the time it takes to build true capability and resiliency into our systems (and our lives).  So, whenever we are thinking of taking a shortcut we should think twice because it will only make the “game day” take longer than we expected or wanted.  The more time we take up front to get ready the better we will do when we hit that moment of truth.  Practice might just take a bit longer but it is every bit worth it…..That is for sure…..

Loving life when I am taking the time to prepare