The beat



There is a rhythm that is intrinsic to our THPL journey.  A rhythm that creates a feeling that is all about our energy, our cadence, our flow.  For the most part, it is something that burns hot inside us no matter what is going on around us.  And yet there are moments when we want to get amped, or reflective, or energized, and for this, we turn to our music and the beat that is inherent in all that we listen to.  It gives us a very distinctive feeling, something that we must react to – it is deep inside us, at our core, a beat that drives us to the place we want to go at the pace we want to get there.  So when we are looking for that boost, turn on the music, and that special beat will take care of everything – all we have to do is to follow how it feels and all will be right…..indeed…

Loving life when I listening to the beat