Seems that on the best days on our journey we feel good about our choices.  On those days or those moments when we don’t feel good about our choices…well, how about we think of it as a learning experience, a moment when we can dig deeper into why it was that we did not do as we probably knew we should.  When we can identify the cause of why we act differently (from our best intentions) we can work towards putting ourselves in a position where we can make a better choice.  For example, maybe we want to make better (different) food choices.  In these instances, we can make sure that we don’t keep the food (around) that we are trying to avoid.   If we are missing our opportunity to exercise maybe we can eliminate another activity that is eating into our exercise time.  And maybe if we are still struggling a bit overall we can ask others to help us with our choices.  An accountability partner is another way to set ourselves up to make the choices that we want to make.  The good news is that this is all under our control and we can always put ourselves on a journey to better (choices) as this is what THPL is all about.

Loving life when I am making the right choices