They tell us a lot


We share the earth with many creatures and often we pay little mind to them.  The nature of our journey, for the most part, keeps us moving at a quick pace and avoiding distractions.  While it is an effective way to traverse, it does limit what we see that is going on around us.  It seems that the Scarlet Darter dragonfly might be telling us that global warming is real.  Dragonflies, like all insects, cannot regulate their body temperature like humans can, so they are highly sensitive to small changes in environmental temperature change.  And recently in the UK,  they are migrating south and flying further than they ever have.  They have no reason to travel so far but for the reason of a big temperature shift.  And so, we see this and it is up to us to respond in kind.  We need to keep working towards reducing the global warming effect.  We can make choices every day that will benefit all of us - use fewer fossil fuels for one.  The Scarlet Darter is giving us a warning – it is time to listen and act.

Loving life when I am listening to what is going on around me.