Order pizza


Ordering pizza, seems like an odd thing to do on the American holiday, Thanksgiving.  Tradition and habit tell us that we are supposed to have turkey.  We all know that traditions are great and valuable and an important part of living a THPL life.  And yet, we also know that our THPL journey exposes us to a lot of “different”.  It is part of what we are looking for.  Different people, different locations, different customs and cultures and so on.  We get amped up when we experience different.  Thus, how is it that we might not react well to pizza on Thanksgiving?  It might not be perfect, some might not enjoy it, but maybe, if we did find ourselves in this situation we think more about the core of what Thanksgiving is about – and that is giving thanks for all the good things that we have in our lives - family, friends, our health, and all the potential that we can tap into.  Turkey, pizza or whatever let’s remind ourselves to be part of the bigger story line and the journey that is THPL.

Loving life when I appreciate all that I have.