How committed are you


We get going on our THPL journey and we find along the way a feeling that we want to do something big, an aspiration, a dream.  It feels so exciting and captivating that we start to plan.  It could be an entrepreneurial business idea, an outdoor adventure, a challenge to get to a personal best.  And once the planning is over we get to the practice, the building of all of the elements required to be successful.  It feels good in the beginning and then the excitement wears off and the hard work begins.  Iteration is required till it gets better and better, failure of some sort is expected and a plan to deal with it developed, exhaustion becomes a normal feeling and yet we have to push through.  It is at moments like this when we find out how deep our commitment is, do we have the resolve to stay the course, do we stay true to our commitment, to that dream so that we can get to Do it phase?  It is, for sure, a test of who we are and what we are made of and from the answer that we find a true sense of our belief in we can do more than we think we can.  Time to get to it!

Loving life when I Dream, Plan, Practice, and Do!