Let’s waste less....food


We all know that nutrition is a key element of our THPL life.  To make it along our journey we need to eat the right foods and make sure that they are with the right nutrient balance, taste good and fit into a good food profile.  And as we make our way along the journey we will make compromises and we will sometimes not be as thoughtful as we might want to be.  Food is in one those categories where we can all do a bit better.  Maybe it’s eating a better food profile, maybe it is something as simple as wasting less food.  In the first-world nations, we waste upwards of 40% of all food produced and this is just flat out unacceptable.  The loss happens along the entire supply chain and it is not only at the personal level – but – since it is the place we can most affect we should think long and hard about how we waste less food, cook less, re-use more…..whatever the approach.  In this way, we can be more conscious that food is not an infinite commodity and we need to save and protect as much of it from going into the landfill as is humanly possible.  Every little action we take will make a meaningful difference.  Time to get to it, that is it!

Loving life when I waste less food