Great design


While on our THPL journey we have the opportunity to be on the lookout for, and hopefully experience, great design.  It takes some effort to recognize great design because often the best design is not obvious. This is because when someone sets out to deliver great design the outcome will just feel natural, easy, seamless.  This comes from anticipating how usage and experience happen and what the customers would want it to do – even if they had not thought about it. Nature is one place we can look for great design as many of the earth's creatures have evolved to a place that works perfectly for them.  On the product side of our life, whether it be a car, technology, a book, a cell phone, there is an opportunity to make a great design.  Yes, it takes a bit more time to do so, and it does take iteration, and a willingness to fail and improve and then listen some more…. and then maybe get it right - but when all of this happens the result is orchestral harmony.  So, let’s all be on the lookout for great design and when we find it admire it, tell the designer how much we appreciate what they did for us, and then see what we can, ourselves, take away from this most fabulous experience so that we can use it when we get the opportunity to design.  A great quest this is, indeed….

Loving life when I experience great design.