Yes we can grow


There are some who say, THPL is not for me.  I am not of that ilk.  I do not have the ability to do what you others do.  You don’t fully understand my circumstance.  Truth be told the THPL community understands this and has had a lot of experience with the same kinds of perspectives and there is deep empathy for the circumstance of others.   What we have seen, experienced, and known is that we can grow and develop from any starting point and move forward on our THPL journey. There is always time to start on a new path – even after tough times and difficult moments we can experience positive change.  Struggle, or major issues need not be the end but the beginning.  It is all about believing that growth is about moving forward and it is rather personal.  So it is the up to us how we want to think about our journey and how we want to live and grow.  Nothing else, ultimately, can get in the way. 

Loving life when I am growing