Admire someone


The THPL journey and the repetition that comes with it gets us to be quite good at what we do.  And it is not without expectation that confidence can come along with our attention to the details that are part of our journey. Yet, we need to keep ourselves centered and know that we can always grow and develop more than on our own.  One way for us to do this is to look to others who are great in their discipline and whom we can learn from. To admire someone, to appreciate their level of excellence is a great way for us to see what is possible and what we can become.  There is a humbleness that emerges when we admire others and it is healthy and enabling when we make it important to how we live and learn.  We can, of course, admire as many people as we want – we can only get goodness from it.  The question to ourselves is whom do we admire……might they also admire us???

Loving life when I admire the best there is