From the inside out


When we set out to live the life that is THPL we do so with sincere intent.  It is about a focus and a commitment and follow through.  It is a way such that others can see that something is different.  It comes from the inside out – the THPL way is really how we live which comes from how we think.  Our behavior is what matters; are we doing what we know needs to be done, are we consistent and true to our values.  We know intrinsically know how to measure ourselves and we need to keep track of how well we are doing at it.  While we can look to others to validate we are living the THPL way, we are way better off building our own practices that tell us when we are on track….and when we are not.  For it is from the inside out that THPL flourishes and becomes a way of life…indeed it is.

Loving life when I am living inside out