think more...

positive-thinking (1).jpg

The THPL journey is one that we act on through a combination of instinct and experience.  There is a general momentum that is created by the way we go about the activities that get us through the journey.  And yet, there is a need to do more than just act, or take action.  It is important to reflect, to think more, to challenge ourselves so that we can ensure we are going in the right direction at the right pace with the right actions.  Sometimes, it is hard to stop and think but it is always a good thing to do.  We can even engage others as we do our thinking – we can ask for input, we can discuss, we can seek out ways to be better.  It all is part of how we make for an optimal approach on our THPL journey.  We think more, we do better and then we do it again and again, and it all starts to work out as we would like it to be.

Loving life when I am thinking more