How much time....


As we traverse the THPL journey there are goals and objectives that we set for ourselves, there are destinations that we want to go to, there are new things that we want to learn, and there is a deep desire to improve.  And so the question that we have to ask ourselves is how much time are we willing to commit to that which we want to achieve.  What will we stop doing so that we can ensure our success?   We are in charge of how we use our time, it is our most important commodity and we need to be explicit about how we use it and how it enables us to reach our goals; to allow us to be who we want to be; to enable us to do more than we think we can.  So, before we start anything let’s figure out how much time we are going to spend on it and if it is not enough to achieve our objective then we should think about how important it is to us.  And once we get through this reconciliation we can make the commitment and get to the goal.  It is a simple choice, let’s use time as if it is all we have…..

Loving life when I use my time well