We must care


Sadly, another tragedy came to innocent, regular, beautiful people just going about the activities in a seemingly normal life that was shattered in ways that we all fear.  Not fear in the way of being afraid, but fear that we have not been able to stem the tide of such tragic events as happened in San Antonio yesterday.  We need to do more than just hope and pray that this type of horror does not happen again.  We cannot accept it as a risk of living.  It is up to us to bring the essence of that which is good for all, that can be shared and serve as our reason to be.  There is so much good in the world, so much potential, so much possibility that we need to stay vigilant and on guard and way more proactive to prevent the magic that is life from being taken away from anyone at any time.  Let’s all commit to making part of our THPL journey a call for action and attention to a troubling trend that we need to stop, and to stop now……

Loving life when I care and then act.