Make it better


There are many places along our journey when we are greeted with a “top” list – top 3, top 10, top 100.  There are curious and interesting to see.  And with a moment of reflection, they can get us to think a bit. What is it that got someone or something to be on the list.  Is there something that we can learn?  Maybe we can extract a lesson, an approach, a technique….something that really makes a difference.  When we come to understand what it is that worked we can then leverage the learning by copying or incorporating it into the way that we do our thing on our journey.  There is nothing like leveraging best practices to help us make ourselves better.  It is after all that which we are setting out to do.  Let’s see how we can make it easier to get better and enjoy the results, very nice indeed….

Loving life when I am making it better.