Swapping stories


The THPL journey has the potential to inspire us to do big things and at the same time, it can be our platform for sound and sensible living.  The right practices and techniques when executed on a consistent basis create for us the context for sharing our experiences with others who are going along with us on the journey.  We know that there is nothing nearly as good as learning from others as they, and we, learn from doing.  And what better way to learn than to listen to the stories of others and what they experienced and learned on their THPL journey.  All we have to do is ask to hear a story, about a moment, or an insight, or the struggle, or a feeling and the story flows and we listen and learn.  We can then share back one of our stories and harmony is created.  It is a great way to take the journey with others around us, both near and far, and to make us feel connected, significant and together.

Loving life when I am swapping stories