Wish List


There are many challenges that we can take on as we go along on our THPL journey.  Most of them relate to our own personal situation.  During this holiday season, maybe we can turn our focus to how we can help others with their challenges.  Might we turn our efforts then to a wish list, not for ourselves, but for others for whom we can do things for.  Let’s all see if we can create a list of the ten things that we want to do for others.  Our wish list can go from simple to hard – it matters less what is on it – the key is that we take some time to create a list that makes us think about others during this wonderful holiday season.  A simple start to the list could be:  Saying Happy Holidays to a stranger, baking cookies and sharing them with others who do not have them, offering to go holiday shopping for someone else.  We can have fun with this kind of thinking during our holiday season.  And we can share the idea with others as well.  A wish list for others – Happy Holiday indeed! 

Loving life when I am doing something for other people