Little steps


There are things we know and then there are things we learn and then there is that which we need to be reminded of as we pass along on our THPL journey.  There are sometimes when we feel like the goals that we want to set for ourselves are too big, too hard to get done.  And there are those moments of doubt when we tell ourselves that I am not as talented or skilled as others.  The good thing is that we know there is a simple solution to taking on big challenges. It is all about little steps, breaking down the challenge into manageable chunks. Give ourselves the ability to make progress, to have success, to feel good about the ability to achieve our goals. It might take a bit of patience and also a drum beat reminder that we need to stick to the plan – get started, take a few steps, and then do it again and again. The magic that starts with one step is there for us to grab a hold of and to use it to make our THPL journey as special as it should be….

Loving life when I am taking little steps.