that time of year...


It is that time of year when our 2017 THPL journey starts to draw to a close.  Most of the year is in the books and while we are not ready to reflect on our accomplishments we have an opportunity to enjoy what is left of the year and also to keep the wheels on the machine.  Yes, it is a great time of year to have fun, go to holiday parties, to connect with friends and family and just relax!  We all know that this is good for the head and the soul.  And yet, we want to keep our overall rhythm going, our day to day practices, the ones that got us through the year and will take us to next year.  Let’s think about how we balance between a few extra treats and our mission to stay fit of mind and body.  It is a worthwhile goal and with a few days to go, it will get us ready for the new year!

Loving life when I am doing it all


Joey g