A thoughtful gesture


On this eve of Christmas, whether celebrated or not, we see at this time of year, a bit more focus on others.  It is great to see that for a period of time that we do more for friends, family, strangers.   A card, a present, a happy holiday, a song, a cookie and so much more – they are all shared during the season we call Christmas.  And it feels good when we give and when we receive.  There is a feeling of being special in either circumstance.  And we can make others feel great when we do something for them.  There are so many people in need, who appreciate the simplest of gestures, that we should keep them in our minds and our hearts during the holiday season (*and beyond of course).  Just one caring gesture can make a world of difference.  Let’s see if we can all do this and see just how great life becomes just because we all cared just a little bit more.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Loving life when I am doing something for others