A white Christmas

Whether we live far enough north for snow or not the THPL journey from time to time will find us to a white Christmas.  There is a tradition that we have heard of, or lived, that says we are wishing for a white Christmas.  Which gets us to think and realize that we can create a bigger broader community if we can connect with themes and messages and feelings that we all hold to be true.  Realizing that there are very few who would not have heard of a white Christmas it gives us hope that there are other messages that we can get to the world that carry elements of what we know to be the THPL life.  The songs and stories that come with the season remind us how we think about the season.  Let’s create our stories and the feelings we want to carry with us on our journey and share them when we can.  It will for sure make for deeper and richer connections on our journey whether it snows or not…..

Loving life when I feel and connect with traditions