Mind and body

As we finish up our 2017 journey and we get set for next year it is good to remind ourselves that whatever we take on is going to need a good combination of the challenge of mind and body.  We need both to be strong and both to be ready for whatever gets thrown our way.   Resilience comes when the body is strong and the mind isn’t, as well as when the mind is strong and the body is not.  It is the ability to use mind or body to carry us through when the going gets tough and make up for the strain that our other half is suffering from. This resilience, which is absolutely necessary to enjoy the journey, is all about being able to recover from difficult or challenging situations. We need something to get us through – it can be the mind or the body – it matters none – what matters is that we use them and practice them and stress them so that they will be ready when the moment comes and we fully expect a few of them to come in the new year!

Loving life when I can count on mind and body