We can make a difference

The journey that we call THPL encourages us to take the opportunity to make choices, to go places, to be active, to help people and to get the most out of the time that we have here.  And when we think about it this way it is easier to understand why we can feel good about the statement and the sentiment that we all can make a difference. It really is a mindset first and an action second. We believe in it, and then we do it, and then the outcome is good -  this all because it is what we intended to happen.  It can be something as simple as shoveling snow for a neighbor who needs help, coming to the aid of someone who can use some support, or just listening to someone who is having a tough go of it.  Sure, it is great to organize a big fundraiser or donate our time in hurricane-affected locations but it can be smaller and still have an impact if it is done with sincerity and empathy.  So, let’s end this year reminding ourselves that we can make a difference and we will stand up to this mantra as we enter 2018; again, and again!

Loving life when I can make a difference