Our favorite moment

365 (well 364 days) completed on our 2017 THPL journey and there is a lot to think about.  Probably some ups and downs, some surprises and some expected outcomes. Yet, if we take a minute to think about the year in total it is hard not to think about how fabulous and amazing our THPL journey was in 2017!  There were those top ten moments, truly memorable when it all came together when we smiled deeply because we did more than we thought we could, and it just felt good. So taking the next step and picking just one favorite moment across a whole year can sound daunting but then that is a good problem to have – we just need to put in the time to filter our favorite from the best of list – it will be clear that one moment stood out and is etched in our memories as the moment that made 2017.  It’s time to have fun finding that moment.  

Loving life when I think about my favorite 2017 moment