Be good to yourself


For all of us who take the THPL journey, we are, as a community hard on ourselves.  We take on big challenges, we set stretch goals, we push and we press.  We are rarely satisfied, we want to do more, read more books, run faster, volunteer more frequently, there are always bigger and bigger goals that we set.  And for all that we do, which in many cases is remarkable, we are too critical of ourselves.  And while this might push us to do more we need to think about learning to be good with our progress, our results.  One of the keys to better performance is feeling good about oneself.  So, we need to think more and more about taking care of our self and being good with our progress and who we are.  It all starts with us – when we feel good – others are good and when others are good our community is good.  Goodness abounds! 

Loving life when I feel good about myself