let it snow...


It is that time of year, at least in the northern hemisphere when the sun sets early and comes up late, nights are colder and even sunny days have a chill to them that can keep us inside more than we like.  The THPL journey slows a bit through winter and yet there are moments when we have a wonderful opportunity to challenge ourselves to overcome that “winter resistance” and get going…outside.  And a snowy day might just be the right catalyst to get moving.  There is a peacefulness with the snow falling, less traffic around, the white flakes setting a picturesque backdrop for us to appreciate.  Whether it be a walk, a run, snowshoeing, sledding, or just about anything else, we should make sure to get out in the snow as it has the potential to stoke our emotions and make us feel better for moving and give us a feeling that which we cannot get in any other setting.  Here’s to a snowflake or two to energize and captivate us and bring a smile to our face…..even if it is a bit frozen

Loving life when I am out in the snow


Joey g