A big commit

The 2018 THPL journey is underway and it is off to a good start.  Lots of activities and challenges that are continuing from 2017 and then a few new ones that are on the calendar for later in the year.  But this did not seem to be enough, it feels like the time to amp it up – to take 2018 to another level.  And so, it is, that we became inspired by a challenge that Mark Devine, Seal Fit, outlined  -the challenge to get a community to do 2.5 million burpees and to educate equip and empower veterans who are living with PTS.  The Performance Tea team has committed to doing 100,000 burpees across the group of four.  This translates to 68 burpees a day, every day of 2018.  For anyone who has done burpees we all know this is a hard and difficult challenge and yet it does not even compare to the challenge many of our veteran’s face. Our focus, we hope, will bring attention and resources to this admirable and compelling effort. To find out more about the challenge go to http://couragefoundation.net/. Time to start loving burpees!

Loving life when I am doing burpees