That moment


We are eleven days into the new year, we are starting to get used to writing 2018, 2017 is becoming a distant memory and the enthusiasm for being a new year is starting to fade.  And with this comes that moment when our commitments/resolutions for the new year can start to fade.  It happens for many different and subtle reasons, winter, short days, others not sticking to their plan and so on.  With our motivation a bit low we have to dig a bit deeper to hold onto our commitments for the new year.  We have to remind ourselves of why we decided to do it in the first place and not succumb to the body at rest state.  Just knowing of this risk can help us keep to the plan.  So, let’s stay aware and on point and true to our commitment and push through this natural lull.  We will soon be back on track and on the way to turning that resolution into a way of life.  Now wouldn’t that be fine and dandy!  

Loving life when I push past that moment