Event Schedule....


For the most part, each of us on our THPL journey has a set activities that we are passionate about.  It could be running, yoga, reading, travel, it matters little the specifics of the activity, what matters is that we like to do it and do it often.  And so in addition to our doing the activity “solo” we should think about doing it with others.  There are so many ways to do this, we just need to put a bit of time into finding the right events that we are interested in.  The event can be a race, a conference, a retreat, a trip, a meetup – so many choices and options – we just need to spend the time to figure out what event(s) we will sign up for and then get practiced so we are prepared for the event.  And there is nothing like looking forward to the event!  So, let’s sign up for as many as we can and have fun working the process and the event!  

Loving life when I have my events scheduled for the year.